Anthony Michael Hall

That Anthony Michael Hall CD looks pretty badass. My compliments to the chef or something.

I kind of take exception to the picture on the cover of the album, though. I’m not sure that this guy has the horsepower to assume that sullen, sunglassed pose. He looks like a cross between Eminem and John Tesh, and while I’m all for cross-germinating in the arts, I’m not ultimately sure that this works. I am however, pleased to see that it is a stereo recording. I vowed long ago that I wouldn’t buy any more of Hall’s recordings in mono.

In other news, for those keeping track at home, tonight’s racquetball match between PeaseD and myself had a final score of PeaseD: 2, PeaseJ: 2. I didn’t actually catch the line in Vegas. I hope nobody lost money or anything. Stay tuned for the Next Big Match on Sunday, this time special guest starring PeaseC, fresh out of retirement. It should be a scorcher!

Speaking of Fry’s…

Speaking of Fry’s, I found some way cool resources that you might be interested in.

The Google web directory has a topic called Allegedly Unethical Firms, and Fry’s is one of the companies with the most webpages dedicated to complaints and bitches. For some reason, I find the idea of a directory of Allegedly Unethical Firms very funny.

Anyway, this complaint-type page has a link to the BBB page for the San Diego Fry’s. The link is broken but I found the actual page by going to the Better Business Bureau page. If I’m reading it right, there are only two outstanding complaints. I don’t know anything about how many complaints the BBB gets per customer but this seems like a very low amount, considering the number of cattle–er, people that go through the door every day.

The best link, which I may have forwarded before, is the Fry’s Employment Application.

PeaseJ’s First Entry

Yo, yo, yo! Uh, I’m not sure where the Fry’s article is. Now that I think about it, I think it might have been a casualty of “The Great Laptop Purge” of 2000. I’ll look around for it. If I can’t find it, I can probably work up a new creamy lather of disdain for the store at a moments notice, so we can always rewrite the thing if need be. I’d suggest we do it completely in haiku, for a refreshing blast of culture.

Nice job on this logging thing, Dave. In my view, this thing alone is worth the price of admission, as long as we can keep it updated. I assume that this wouldn’t be a problem, since we rarely run out of insightful things to say. Especially Andres.

As whiz-bang as all of this is, I still feel a little bit naked without PHP on this site. Felix, you’re not going to make me learn CGI, are you?