Who is this Happy Pedro jackass, and why are you doing his work for him, peasej?

In other news, I don’t know if I understand your VB problem but any text widget has a ScrollBars property which you can set to “2 – Vertical” and as far as I know that’ll enable scrolling. I know I’ve done it before.

There’s a few things we need to accomplish. Get the Estradasphere music from KSDT before you fire yourself. Additionally, possibly reposess Gyruss. You know you want to. We could seriously lower that mo-fo over Christmas.

We should build the ultimate mp3 site by joining forces and getting your ass in line and renaming your mp3s to the correct* format, and uploading ’em to the server. However, we may not be able to do that right now as I believe Felix may be running out of space. He needs another 18GB hard drive.

Are you waiting on me for anything for mysql@vmtco?

JesusH needs to be rebuilt. We can screw with this later.

And, of course, the phone thing in my car. And Dad’s Secret Present needs to be bought. Man, this is really the busiest time of year.

* of course, correct format is ArtistName_SongTitle.mp3

Oh mama, Oh mama…

I thought I’d drop a line about how general development stuff is going. For my fans.

  • Happy Pedro’s Citation Parser

    I’m thiiiis close to finishing this. I’ve gotten Visual Basic to see the Access database, but it doesn’t talk to it yet. Poop. I need to finish this, or Happy Pedro will transform into Stern Pedro.

  • Top Secret Cue Cat Usefulizer

    I just discovered that Perl scripts can be embedded in Visual Basic applications. I’m happy. I’ve also become a registered CDDB developer, which is rad. The sticking points for the moment are the lack of working database on JesusH and I still can’t figure out how to get VB to automatically scroll in a window.

  • JesusH website

    Sorry for not posting in a while. Development on this site has been postponed for a bit.

ESPY lite

I went to the SI “Night of Champions” show last night (it will actually air next week, Saturday I think). It actually was less than riveting, but it was still neat to get to go to one of these things.

The energy in the audience was palpably… missing, for the most part, except when Ali walked in (while the cameras were not rolling) and everybody gave him a standing ovation. So the most energetic part of the show didn’t even get caught on tape. It was still kind of cool to see a bunch of sports stars and half the cast of the West Wing and Jon Voight, who is almost hot just by association with his daughter despite the notable handicap of being ugly.

Someone at SI is either really dumb or really smart, because they had Matthew Perry introduce Jennifer Capriati (who was accepting via satellite). Nice. Some stupid back and forth banter which was hopefully unrehearsed culminated in “well, we should get together some time.” Yeah, for drinks and crack. Capriati, incidentally, looked just horrible and old with her hair done up and tons of makeup and a freaky gold dress. Why is it that so many women athletes look a lot better when they’re sweaty and not wearing any makeup? Honestly, if the makeup makes you look worse, don’t put it on. Matthew Perry looked stoned too… well, the distant speck that claimed to be Matthew Perry sort of looked stoned, and definitely sounded stoned.

I’ll not tell you who won the “Sportsman of the Year” award, because, you know, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you guys.

Stereo. Stuff.

My stereo has been giving me problems lately. I have an Onkyo amplifier that often cut out when played at low volumes (which is where I always keep it since my neighbors accuse me of “stomping”, even without playing loud music.) What would usually happen is it would cut out, then if I turn up the volume control, it cuts back in again at some outlandish level. My dad thought it might be a dirty potentiometer, which scares the dickens out of me, since it’s one of these fancy motor-driven knobs, that likely costs far too much.

In any case, I think I just fixed the problem. It turns out that the volume knob is attached to it’s own little circuit card that runs perpendicular to the main board. The two boards are joined by a little socket jobby, kind of like the kinds used to attach a PC card to a motherboard. My theory is that the the knob card wasn’t seated in the stereo card very well, which created an erratic connection. In any case, I’ve put everything back together and it seems to work swell. In fact, it seems like some other little problems have disappeared as well. Good times.

Yeah, Dave. I can fix yours too.

In other news, I just noticed that my friend Shlonglor bought rollerblades today, but considers helmets to be stupid and faggy. Now admittedly I can sometimes be a little bit, say, intolerant to my friend Shlonglor and his half-baked, borderline retarded rants, so today I’ll try to cut him some slack. I just hope he makes frequent use of his new rollerblades, especially around freeways, escalators and areas of geological unrest. And always, Shlonglor, please ride safely.

Hmm… what to do now…

This is really bizarre…

Okay, can anyone explain this photograph, which can be seen right now on What’s the deal with the floaty guy? Is this war fake or what?

BTW, racquetball today was nuts. Final score PeaseJ: 1, PeaseD: 1, PeaseC: 0. In the last game, the score got to be a 3-way tie at 14, which really should never happen because Dad just got his arm sewn back on. What’s going on around here?

Jeff’s week

Okay, so the crack orgies have been attended and enjoyed and the fake Christmas tree put up, so now it’s time to get down to some serious WebTomFoolery(TM).

Here is my todo list for this week, more or less in order of importance:

1.) Hobnob with Aaron Feiger

2.) Happy Pedro’s Citation Parser

3.) Get Dave’s Estradasphere cds

4.) Sundry KSDT backend changes/additions, part one (Neil Dennis, places, event calendar)

5.) The top secret CueCat project

6.) JesusH log stylesheet shiat

7.) JesusH redesign

8.) Redo Holstad-Tron images

If there’s time left over, I’ll knit a sweater or something. That should be fun…

Finals equals Great Taste!

I’m pleased to report that Finals week is almost over. My art project is going swimmingly, as I now possess a 20″ x 15″ Tronified picture of my Uncle Jack, printed out and glued on a black piece of foam board. If that isn’t great art, I sure don’t know what is. I haven’t decided if I like it enough to make it accessible to the outside world yet, but I’ll likely eventually put it online (maybe after a couple of revisions), if only as a thanks to Uncle Mark for letting me use his picture. There are still some kinks to work out in the Tron recipe (the glowy lines are now much more luminous than they once were, but are now far less “glowy”) before I think it’ll be really swell. Also, I think that it’s really important to make this thing a series, so I’ll have to whip up a few more tonight (starring Grandma and cousin Scott. And Barney. I haven’t decided if I should Tronify Barney…)

In other news… there is no other news. I’ve become far too busy to have any real fun. Phet and I have resolved to attend a ton of crack-orgies after Friday to celebrate being done with finals. There’s nothing like a good crack-orgy to calm the nerves…

Racquetball: PeaseD:3, PeaseJ:0

I’m not sure why Dave hasn’t reported this yet, but he trounced me at racquetball today: PeaseD: 3, PeaseJ: 0. I’m not sure if I really struck a nerve when I was talking head a couple days ago or if he got some magic eggnog or what, but he pulverized me. I was trying really hard and stuff too. That’s really the sort of thing that makes me just want to go to bed and forget.

Alas, I can’t go to bed and forget since I’m knee-deep in the fetid pit that is finals week. I have to finish my coolio art project and take it to Kinkos to get printed before sixish tomorrow evening, and after that I have to write an 8 page paper due on Friday morning. Does anybody know anything about Roman Art? Does anybody know where Rome is (just kidding. France, right?)

I went to Balboa Park today to try and take pictures for my project, and I came to the conclusion that I am improperly equipped to take pictures of random people. I’m really just don’t have the cajones. Or, as my good friend Jaime Escalante would put it, the ganas (spanish for stove). I should really stick to wildlife photography or something.

How Sweet It Is…

The words are like music to my ears!

“Titanium Picks:

Using statistics available to us on the internet, we are predicting football scores, spreads and making this data available on the internet for a fee as well as creating a printed version. “

I wrote a big thing about this, and then I realized that the above phrasing really speaks volumes in and of itself.

Go ahead and read it again yourselves. Enjoy it. Savor it. Do anything but take it for granted, as Kinementium can disappear at literally any time…

Ha, I just noticed something funny.

I just noticed something funny. So I was clicking around Pease Jay‘s webpage, and I clicked the link to Dick Murphy‘s webpage. Then I clicked the link to Murphy’s advisor’s webpage, one Peter M. Kogge, who is apparently the “McCourtney Professor of Computer Science and Engineering”.

See that space shuttle pic on Kogge’s webpage? Wonder why a small picture takes so long to load? Shoot, it must have escaped his attention that you should resize the image file itself, rather than just changing its dimensions in an image tag, and you should not use GIF format for photographs.

As a result, we’ve got a webpage with a low-quality 153 x 148 image of a space shuttle that is 654 KB in size and takes days to load. I’m struck by the realization that Kogge:

  • is hopefully very clueless compared to most other comp sci professors, and
  • is probably the perfect advisor for Dick Murphy.

I wish we still had that Technodermis webpage. Har har har, at least Kinementium is back, and its even harder on the eyes than ever. I can’t wait to see what “Titanium Picks: The Future of Sport’s Analysis” is. I bet they’ll give my outfit a real run for their money… not!


Yeah, that Buffy-Spike thing was pretty cool. Deb made me watch that part of the show and I got to agree with her (and you), the … uh, imagery and presentation were really provocative. Nice job by all involved.

It is apparent the style sheet and format of the log needs more work. I’ll get on that as soon as possible, and once I’m done I’ll bring peasej in to fix my mistakes.

Good news. Jeff sounds serious about working on stuff once he’s done with finals. In fact, we’ve got a task list all set up for stuff that will take place in December.

  • Jeff will fix my phone.
  • Jeff and I will grab all of KSDT Radio‘s Estradasphere material off cart and put it on CD. Then, we’ll rip it to mp3 format. Apparently the studio stuff the band did at the last concert got taped over by mistake, but the station still has a bunch of shows, including the live show they did that we went to. Yes, the good Lord willing, we will have live cuts of “Fame (Rasta and Banjo version)” and “Body Slam” available for your listening pleasure next week. In the meantime, click here for a usually-working link to a Winamp playlist of all the ES action we’ve got.
  • JesusH will get a major upgrade. Features and stuff, places to do things like movie reviews, perhaps some Anne Geddes pictures, ASCII Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, original artwork… all kinds of good crap.
  • I’ll pretend to help Jeff as he installs the Hands Free Car Kit in my truck, so I can talk to my vehicle instead of to my phone while I’m driving. K-Rad!!!!1111!!1
  • There is some seriously crazy modifications going on with the CueCat, which is a symbol of the stupidity of the new economy if there ever was one. More details coming later.
  • On the home front, I will find and download a bunch of MAME files, which will turn my Dreamcast into an arcade emulator, further enhancing my ability to talk about my Dreamcast.
  • My, but I’m impressed with my ability to prattle on.

Buffy the Vampire F-er

Only slightly less interesting than discussions of the technical specifications of competing Digital Light Processing systems and their effect on channel distribution methods in the film industry is the equally progressive advancement of the depiction of soft-core pornography on network television. Before I begin my treatment of the events that have led to this posting, I will disclose the personal bias that is coloring my analysis: I’m for it.

Now, many were puzzled when the recent musical episode of “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer” achieved its highest Nielsen ratings among the 18-34 year old male demographic. Why is a show about an empowered young woman crossing the gender divide so effectively? I offer a simple, yet profound answer: lesbians.
Continue reading “Buffy the Vampire F-er”

I’m the best.

If digital cameras are used to capture an image in the first place, the playback on digital systems will work great. However, my concern is with the digital image captured by the camera. Like I say, my only experience is with DV-CAM, which is pretty damn high-end, but still suffers from digital artifacts, much to the detriment of one of my favorite films, Chuck & Buck. However, I would imagine that a.) George Lucas is aware of this problem (he’s no doubt also a big fan ofChuck & Buck), and b.) George Lucas believes he has fixed it with these new cameras. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I sent Shlonglor an angry rant yesterday, and he just responded. He said that I’m the kind of person he writes off immediately. So much for hopes of being saved…

In other news, I just finished my paper. I’m the best!

Digital conversion

Obviously, digital conversion (sounds like a new economy company name) from 35mm doesn’t make all that much sense, Jeff. But in concert with pure digital cameras–as you note Lucas is doing for Episode II–there’s nothing lost in any conversion. It’s a panacea.

Especially if Attack of the Clones is successful, more and more movies will probably be shot in native digital and then converted to film for normal theatres. From then on, the movie companies have a great reason to push for digital worldwide and it’s only a matter of time.

In other news, there are some hot deals available at PS2 for $275 shipped, a cool leather recliner and ottoman and $20 of office supplies for $75, and a 100 GB hard drive for $120 if you are a Sam’s Club member. Follow the link for more info. If you feel like blowing $75 on me for Christmas, I want the recliner, and you can keep the office supplies for your trouble!

Digital Projection

The question of digital vs. analog projection is pretty interesting. Film certainly sucks in terms of distribution and production costs, but I think there are still advantages in terms of image quality, especially for live action stuff. In any situation where you’re transferring an analog image to digital, you have to settle for taking a subset of the available information, which I’m not convinced is preferable to the filmic approach (which deals with detailed images by introducing grain). I have seen a couple of movies (in theaters) that have been SHOT on digital formats that have had digital artifacts (aliasing), and I would be hesitant to say that this doesn’t happen with high-tech digital projection until I’ve seen a couple of live action films on them. It’s certainly possible that digital projection is good enough in terms of image quality, but I still am not sure that it is better in this regard.

I freely concur that digital projection makes a lot of sense for Monsters, Inc, since the film version is just a lower generation dub of a digital original. This does nobody any good.

As kind of an aside, I hear that all of Star Wars Episode 2 is being filmed on fancy prototype high res digital cameras. No film is being shot at all. That should be interesting. I’m not sure if this hurts or helps my point.

As another aside, I’ve been doing a lot of research (well, minimal research. In books that I already own. Mostly picture books…) for this stupid Special Effects paper I’m writing. One interesting thing that I’ve come across is that, when artists are painting background mattes for a film, they generally try not to make it too photorealistic since that doesn’t translate well to the big screen. They look better on the movie screen than on paper. Weird. I’m not sure if this hurts or helps my point.

Uh, now that I think about it, this post is probably more suitable as a comment attached to your original post. So I suppose that’s another reason we should have comments capability. Because I’m a jackass.

Hi there… the reason I

Hi there… the reason I didn’t write about racketball is that I didn’t want to embarass you by pointing out how you were exploiting Dad’s physical rehabilitation for your own personal gain, peasej.

So a couple of weeks ago Deb and I noticed one of the screens at the AMC 20 was DLP, or Digital Light Processing. In other words, there’s no film involved–it’s a movie projected by a computer, like when you’re watching some k-rad internet porn you downloaded, like President Bush is here. Only much higher tech, much less likely to crash, and much more expensive (about $100K per system).

We just got back from taking in Monsters, Inc. in the DLP auditorium, and both Deb and myself were very impressed by the system.

  • The movie was perfectly framed, because some jackass being paid seven bucks an hour to sleep in the projection room isn’t responsible for changing the reels and the slides and putting the projector back in the right place. With DLP, the setup never needs to be touched, so the top of Brad Pitt’s melon or the bottoms of Anna Nicole Smith’s breasts will never be chopped off. Bonus!
  • In the “This movie is rated X for extended snowballing” screens, the aliasing you might get with very large-size fonts on your computer screen was actually visible. Seeing this during the previews made me concerned that I’d detect jagged edges on stuff in the movie, but it seems they just didn’t care enough to anti-alias the ratings screens. None of that was visible in the movie itself.
  • Most importantly, the movie seemed markedly cleaner and sharper than we remembered film looking. There was no graniness and no artifacts–dust, scratches, melting–that you might see with normal movie film.

I was interested in making certain we weren’t convincing ourselves of these things just because we knew the theatre was digital, so on our way out we dropped by a normal showing of Monsters, Inc., and both of us could immediately tell the difference. The print was more grainy and the colors were much less sharp and uniform.

My prediction is that this is the kind of thing that’s really going to start bothering me if I watch very many more DLP movies, to the point that I’ll actually go out of my way to avoid normal film in theatres. I’m guessing all those crackmonkeys who talk about movie film being superior to digital projection for anything but fixed costs are going to fall fast, and digital will take off like a rocket.

Now, the only question is, will the Texas Instruments system or the Qualcomm system be prevalent? (The Mission Valley 20 has a TI system, so I’m not sure how to compare the two.)

I encourage you to drop by the AMC 20, if you haven’t already, and catch a flick in the digital auditorium. You won’t be disappointed. If you hurry, you can see Monsters there; it was actually really, really good.

Racquetball. Stuff.

I’m not sure why Dave hasn’t written anything about racquetball yet, so I guess I have to. We played cutthroat with Dad (which really isn’t as ghastly as it sounds), and the final score was PeaseJ: 4, Pease[CD]: 0. I hope this doesn’t keep up, or I’m going to start feeling bad reporting the scores. In their defense, this was kind of a foregone conclusion because I drank, like, an entire gallon of eggnog last night, so I had a lot of extra energy.

Dean Kamen’s-secret-scooter-that-will-change-the-world(TM) will be unveiled tomorrow on Good Morning America, which is kind of cool (Side note: Does anybody remember that Razor scooters were cool for a week-and-a-half a while back? Weird, eh?) I’m not exactly sure if I’m excited by this thing or not. If I give Kamen the benefit of the doubt, that he has created a device that can be safely driven around at pedestrian speeds and that can run for days without charging the batteries, I still can’t decide if that’s the end-all-be-all. I have to walk around school all day, but I can’t say that it has ever really bothered me. I’m also not sure how this thing will get rid of cars in congested areas. Am I going to ride a scooter 5 miles to the store? And how do I get to congested area in which to drive around in my scooter? Wouldn’t I have to drive there in my car first (after loading a scooter in the trunk)? Maybe I’m missing something.

Maybe I think Segway (the scooter) is a bit misguided. The technology would be far cooler if it was built into a dinosaur robot that could run around eating Aibos (oh WHY won’t anybody answer the call?) However, this Kamen guy has an empire that includes his own island and two helicopters in his garage, ALL OF WHICH was financed by his past inventions, so I guess if I believe anybody could build the next big thing, it’d be him.

Ugh. Now I have to write my paper. Ugh.

I don’t want to work on my paper

I’ve just discovered that Troody, the badass autonomous dinosaur robot they’ve been building at MIT, was retired a couple of months ago. That really sucks. They should have sold the manufacturing rights to Tiger electronics or something so I could have bought one. I would train it to track down Aibos and voraciously consume them.

Troody Site

The rest of the MIT Leg Lab site is pretty cool too, but I don’t think that any of the other projects were near as cool as Troody.

MIT Leg Lab