Here’s another entry in the I-wish-I-was-talented department. This psycho is making his own 3D movie from scratch. Like, alone. With fairly low-end renderers. And the animation and stuff is really amazing.


How humbling is that, to realize that you could be utilizing your miserable spare time to be doing something constructive with your life? It’s too bad everything looks like a complete Tim Burton knock-off, since I believe this guy when he says (in one of the diary entries) that it’s not. Oh well. It looks damn cool.

B.I.O. Bug Links

I just found a new B.I.O. Bug article on the internet. This one is interesting because it goes some way towards explaining why Dave was able to buy $160 worth of these things for $32 a while back. I’ll also include some old links if youse guys don’t know what a B.I.O. Bug is (hint: imagine a Furbee, but without the popularity).

First, the old links (“Rise of the Awesome B.I.O. Bugs!”):

Wired News: Robot Dog ‘Bugs’ Inventor

Brainy bugs: Los Alamos Lab scientist fulfills his childhood curiosity by creating B.I.O-Bugs, robots that learn `how to think’

B.I.O.-Bug Vivisection

Now, the new link (“We are no longer interested in B.I.O. Bugs!”)

NY Times: Toyland Is Tough, Even for Robots

BTW, I’ve bought batteries for all four of the bugs (one of each flavor) and am still trying to evaluate whether or not they’re cool. First impression? These little bastards are loud when you get all four of them in a room…

New Bumper Sticker Idea

flag_ngns (4k image)

Time to ca$h in, yo

Dan and I hashed out a concept for a new patriotic bumper sticker and I’m thinking about getting some of these printed up. I know I kind of missed the bus where this is concerned, but hey–I’m a slow thinker. What do you think?

In other news, we’ve apparently been hacked by someone, so if you see a post with lots of naughty words or mean things to say about any of our fine readers, that’s what’s going on. We’re hitting the server with Lysol right now.

nateo’s mp3 emporium

hampton (18k image)Behold, the obnoxiousness of Dancing Hamster
nateo wanted me to tell whoever reads this that his mp3s are online–over 2500 of them, to be exact. Go to his page and click the link, or click here to be directly transferred. Please note you’ll need the username and password, and if you don’t have it, you’ll need to email him so he can decide if he wants to give it to you or not.

Also, those of you with the username and access can click artist name to get a .m3u playlist of the artist’s files sent to your computer. Snazz! There’ll be more stuff coming in the way of automation as soon as Nate gets off his ass and learns some more php.

That is all.

Birdman Of Alcatraz

birdman (7k image)Jeff’s Cahiers Du Cinema

This is my review of Burt Lancaster’s intrepid (no, better make that inept) film adaptation of the fine 1958 novel “Birdman of Alcatraz”, by Tom Gaddis. This review is the first in a series (part of collection titled “Jeff’s Cahiers du Cinema”) written as part of an assignment for my rad VA 174 class (“Media Sketchbook”). The assignment? We are to write up a movie a week: either a pre-1980’s American film, or any foreign film or documentary (a side note: it wasn’t too long ago, I had, like, Calculus homework and shit. I love Visual Arts!) Rad and rad. Plus, it gives me a stellar excuse to write more stuff for JesusH!
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