Left Eye Dead

Getting in on the JesusH obits…

CNN.com – Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes dies in car wreck – April 26, 2002

I’m not much for most … uh, “urban” music, but I really like a bunch of TLC stuff. Jeff and I were having an interesting conversation a while back about the band who today had the best chance of being regarded as a Beatles-ish group of talent in the future. IIRC, Jeff was talking about Radiohead and ‘NSync, but for my money (and despite the fact that they don’t play instruments) TLC was a more likely choice.

(Jeff, if you want to add anything on that front, please do.)

PCP-addled dad bites off kid’s thumb

Raymond Frank Jones was found by police roaming around his trailer park naked with son Robert in hand. Jones, on a freaked out “Angel Dust” trip, had bitten off his son’s thumb. Young Robert’s thumb was recovered from Jones’ gut, but could not be reattached. Jones, currently in custody, is a father of five.

Jesus H. Christ… how many arguments for forced sterilization of idiots do we need in this country? Let’s step up the totalitarianism already.

CueCat Indicates Paranormal Activity?

My CueCat is going nuts. It’s been attached to the side of my monitor (so the scary red light points towards me while I compute) for literally months, and just today, it has started spontaneously registering barcode scans. This has the effect of interupting whatever I’m doing at the moment (which tonight has been editing my epic new video) as the active program gets flooded with gibberish keystrokes.

As far as I can tell, there has been no change with the CueCat’s environment to cause it to go haywire, so it must be attributable to increased paranormal activity in my apartment. Either that, or Phet gave me a barcode tattoo on my forehead in my sleep. Either way, I’m kind of creeped out…

Jacked picture

This picture was just accidentally sent to my e-mail account at school (Apparantly there’s a Jeff Fred Pease or something that works at the TV station. Weird.) In any case, the picture is still funny in a jacked sort of way.


My question is, what sort of parent would wait around to take a picture of this before giving a swift beating?

Catholic Priest Stuff

I just had a thought about the situation with the nasty Catholic priests in the US.

This article talks about one response, which is a call for the priesthood to abolish celibacy and to allow marriage.

Here’s my thought: wouldn’t it be weird to be, like, a 57-year old priest who has been forced to curb their urges all their lives, and then to suddenly be told by your entire congregation to PLEASE go out and get some, for the sake of the children? And then you’d have to actually go out and court somebody, which would have to be an awkward thing. Basically, they would be making all of these old guys behave like gawky teenagers, which is pretty amusing to me. All of the Catholic priesthood would start behving like a Porky’s movie, going on panty raids and stuff.

I would imagine that, if this all comes to pass, the next problems the Catholic priesthood would face are binge drinking and rowdy Spring Break behavior. And acne.

Exciting Old Music

So like Dave said, I just finished uploading ~3 GB of my MP3s to Nate’s badass server space. This is no doubt very exciting to the 3 people who actually have access.

This seems like a fine time to trumpet some of the new albums I’ve gotten recently. I was allowed to buy two CDs for Phet’s and my recent trip up north, and both of them turned out to be badass.
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Worst Console Games of All Time

Steven Kent of MSNBC.com checks in with his list of the worst modern console games (via Slashdot): “On a whim, Andy McNamara, editor-in-chief of Game Informer Magazine, decided to see if he could beat Kabuki Warrior by tapping his game pad against his buttocks. He lost his first fight or two. Then he figured it out and beat the entire game. He began his review of the game this way: ‘I beat it with my a__.'”
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