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  1. Did you missllep Layne’s name on purpose, because you know that he won’t come after you for it now?

  2. Actually, I misslleped it by accident. I would never do something like dick with this guy on purpose, since I think that if anyone was going to take revenge from beyond the grave, it’d be him.

    I mean, the guy looked kind of like Freddy Krueger when he was alive, for heaven’s sake.

    Sorry, Layne.

  3. Just wanted to everyone to think about what a great loss to the music industry Layne’s death is. I understand that he had not been singing for quite some time, but who knows what could have happened in the future if not for this horrible tradgedy. I just think this is really shitty. alice in chains will always be my favorite band.

  4. lane had a drug problem this was apparent in his lyrics especially on the album dirt this man had a talent and his music was great they will always be my fav band but why bash people because of a drug problem look at kurt cobain he got more publicity then lane and he commited sucide and if he didnt then he probably would have died of a heroin od too

  5. Im Glad that there are some people on earth who are sorry that Layne died. It seems that everything i had read on the internet is just like “yeah he died oh well, should have known it would happen. loser”..im tired of it. He was still human so what if he had some problems. He was a very very talented man. Even though he died, you never know how many peoples lives he saved just because they listened to his music or read his story. Alice In Chains is still my favorite band and I will continue to love them no matter what people say.

  6. You know, it’s really ashamed. I’ve had the album “Dirt” and loved it since it came out in ’92 and other than the song “Would?”, I’ve never REALLY listened to the lyrics until the last couple of years. I really feel for Layne and what he went through. As the lyrics in “Dirt” reveal, he’s been alone and suffering long before he disappeared from the public and the band. I guess I never really paid much attention until I went through the drugs and depression and watched as my friends indulged and retreated even worse than myself. Now, I love and appreciate the music and man that much more than before. I’m lucky that I had people and the will to free me from its death grip. Unfortunately and obviously he didn’t. But that’s things you just take for granted when you haven’t been there. That must be why so many people make the comments they do. Anyway, just wanted to let people know the impact Layne made when he was with us and the impact his music will continue to make despite that he’s already gone. You live on in your music Layne….

    “One who doesn’t care is one who shouldn’t be, I try to hide myself from what is wrong for me…”

  7. You know, Jeff, I just noticed something; this page is the fifth response to a Google search for “Lane Staley”, where if you’d spelled his name correctly, the page would be down in a hole behind a bunch of other stuff. I’m guessing that’s how these people are finding the page so frequently.

    You are a genius.

    As far as Alice in Chains go, they were a great band, and its a shame Layne seemed to have such a tough life. R I P, player.

  8. I have an never will be more musically encouraged than by the one and only pure genious i have ever known Lane Staley.He was a very troubled Man,but not to troubled to help me and Millions of others with his Music.I never got to hear you live but someday…we will meet and make som kick ass music forever in my heart rip.

  9. Thanks to everybody who has posted kind thoughts regarding Mr. Staley on this site. I’ve decided that, once we get, say, fifty comments*, I’m going to look into forwarding them on to him.

    * That’s fifty distinct comments. Duplicates don’t count.

  10. I’m a classic rock guy at heart, enjot R&B, and could give a shit about music like Creed, Godsmack etc.

    But Staley’s lyrics and delivery were pure art and unbelievably underrated- what a talented guy. The way he sang has been duplocated, and it was just recently pointed out to me how similarly Creed’s lead singer follows Staley.

    Most AIC fans I think hated Mad Season. But River of Deceit is a very ambitious piece of writing…


  11. I always loved the style AIC brought to the table and will miss them. His voice and lyrics are amazing, wish I saw him live. I have seen a few taped live performances and thought in my head how true his voice sounds compared there recorded stuff! Drugs are the devil!!!!!!!

  12. Layne Staley was one of the most influential men in music history. he has inspired me and many other people to make music. it is truely ashame that he died. we will all miss him and the bad ass lyrics he wrote. he will lie on in the music of aic. oh yeah, fuck you dan, drugs are not the devil. phil collins is the devil.

  13. i love Kurt Cobain and Lane Staley very much. I both theyre lyrics u can feel and hear the suffering they have living here in this world. I personally think that they are out of theyre pain and suffering they were put through while living here but no doubt will theyre huge impact they put on all of us be missed and always be loved. A.I.C RokkS!

  14. I think Layne’s death is and, personally, always will be one of music’s greatest tragedies. Layne and AIC were always one of the most talented yet underrated musicians around. I don’t think they got the proper respect and exposure that they trully deserved. I hate to hear about the death of any musician, no matter what genre of music, but what pissed me off the most is that, around the same time, Left-eye from TLC had her fatal crash. It seemed like the world mourned her death yet totally forgot about Layne and his contributions; most likely ‘cuz he died of drugs, yet Left-eye dies from an “innocent” car crash. How innocent is it to pack your vehicle with more people than normal and go speeding down some road in another country? That’s stupidity. I know, so is heroin, but you can’t put a seatbelt on heroin.
    I have never cried over the death of a musician, but when I try to imagine what Layne went through and the way a lot of the world just pushed him off to the side ‘cuz of a drug problem, I find it hard to hold back the tears. When I’m driving, I play some of their tracks like “Nutshell” and the first track off Jar of Flies (can’t remember the name of that one) then I look to the sky hoping that, where ever Layne is, he’s looking down and knowing that he’s still loved and not forgotten.
    My heart goes out to the families of Layne and AIC and, especially, his best friend, Jerry Cantrell.
    I hope this site will be up for a long time so that people who aren’t too familiar with Layne & AIC will have an understanding of what he meant to us.
    Layne, where ever you are, you did good.

  15. “You can’t put a seatbelt on heroin.”

    So true, Ryan, so true.

    Jar of Flies was an amazing disc, especially since it was so different than Dirt. When that came out I knew that AIC was truly special.

    As for the future, we’ll have this site up forever, as a little virtual memorial of the great Lane Layne Staley, I can tell you that much…

  16. I think it is bullshit how people stereotype that he killed himself because of kurt cobain and the publicity um he probably had deep down emotional problems and it is not right to judge.also it sucks how people think they were just a copy grunge band of nirvana just because they were from seattle.so fuck all you people who think shit like that about aic they were one of the greatest bands ever and dont forget it.

  17. Not to take anything away from the discussion, but I wanted to take a moment to announce that this page has officially become the #1 Lane Staley site on the internet, according to Google.

    I’d just like to thank all of this page’s awesome contributors for helping to make this page into what it is. I’m thinking that the new ad revenue that our elevated status should soon start bringing will totally help defray the bandwidth costs associated with this page (not to mention the cost of my new Mac).

    You guys rock!

    Also, I agree with Raeanna with regard to the “bullshit stereotype” thing.

  18. Congrats on becoming the #1 site. I’m sure Layne would be quite happy & proud, if he were still here today, to know that there are so many people out there that still love him & AIC, as well as knowing that there was a person(s) who even created a website to honor his work.

  19. layne staley was exreamly talented and his death is a great tragedy to the music industry. I still listen to his music and a slight tear comes to my eye. One of the very few, talented musicians, this world had left, has left for a peice only few could dream of. Wish Layne was still here to share the pain and misery so many of us go through. It made all of us, Im sure, feel less alone in this unforgiving world. Layne’s music will live on forever…I hope

  20. I just recently left a rehab starting my sobriety out again after a year of nothing! Heroin!!! HEH well its an epidemic now, it isnt a 70’s thing anymore! Out of 28 people in the detox, 27 were there for Heroin including myself. Oxycontin has molded a new breed of addiction. The “Heroin addict” is no longer the junkie on the communal farm, its our police officers, judges, school teachers and its unfortunately reaching a part of society no one ever expected. SO remember if you use, ITS ONLY A Y.E.T. (y.our e.ligible t.oo) for you. I am also an artist and play alot of AIC out along with our own stuff (AIC was a big influence when finding a singer). All i can say is what a loss for the music industry and for fans. Just goes to show us all how FRAGILE life is.


  21. Layne was truly talented and because of that he was tormented. He touched alot of human hearts in positive ways. Just because he used Opiates, really doesnt make him any less than the next guy, however his music set him aside of many. I had the privilidge of knowning Layne more than others, and for that I am grateful. He was a gentle kind person, that made us all laugh. His music could make us cry, knowing that the pain he felt was real and it was so very painful for him. Remember, heaven needs angels also. See you again someday my friend…


  22. You know for Christmas my friend got AIC Unplugged. We used to listen to the CD all the time that is how we got hooked. I see the pain and anguish on the CD. I am just thankful that he left the legacy for everyone to enjoy. That someone with such great talent is able to take his problems, and help someone else. I know there is someone out there that understands. i have never done drugs or drank. But I hope he will be an inspiration for those in the future as well. Thanks for everything Layne.

  23. I heard today that you were gone
    I had to stop and sing along
    The song they played to say goodbye
    A song that gave, gave me back life

    You’ll never fade
    The words you gave
    My life you saved
    Your name was Layne

    And on that day a child was born
    To someone who you helped along
    And helped see through his darkest times
    Because of you, this child she is mine

    You’ll never fade
    The words you gave
    My life you saved
    Your name was layne

    The words you said, you made me feel like they were all for me
    The words you said, they will always be a part of me
    The words you said, you made me feel like I was not alone
    The words you said, you gave me all the strength to carry on

    So to me you’ll never fade
    Your life you gave
    My life you saved
    Your name was Layne

  24. In April of 1991 I ‘enrolled’ in a 24 day inpatient rehab program in Monroe, Washington. Layne Staley was in our group. I’ll try and find the 12 step book he autographed for me. I remember he was struggling then with addiction. Our brains are dangerous weapons.

  25. i think layne was an all around kick-ass guy his music touched me and many of my friends! I will always remember him he fucking rocked.
    Pay tribute to those who rock!!!

  26. Layne will be missed until the end of time.that’s how long i know his music will be here.It has a style to it that will always be popular.It is no dought we all continue to miss him.

  27. It is two years from his death… Two years ago, he took the deadly drugs load and two weeks later was found… so sad about it 🙁 If you see AIC private short videos and can see Layne in the beginning – such a smiling nice innocent guy and then… a few years later a slave of that heroin shit 🙁 and in MTV Unplugged 1995 just a shame of what he used to be…

  28. Layne Staley was a genius-he was a gentle man that was caught up in drugs-he felt there was nothing left in this world-I know he is in a better place now-people shouldn’t have disregarded his death {and life}just because he did drugs-he was a very lonely soul- I know I have been there-it took two weeks for someone to take notice that he was gone-how sad-i love you Lane-i hope you finally have what you need

  29. It’s very sad that our man had to go. I’m never gonna forget. He was one of the most soulfull singers, like Lennon and Neil Young and Ray Charles…right up there. Kurt’s death is sad and disturbing, Layne’s is just so damn sad. I heard his girlfriend of thirteen years died in a car crash a year prior to his own death, and since then he was just sinking, losing his mind. He couldn’t go on alone I guess. And the drugs didn’t help. Well, here’s Layne’s death anniversary and for all of us who care…it’s a time to remember this great songbird…sang more like a crow didn’t he?

  30. Two years go by, and the world seems to be a much worse place than then. It sounds terrible, but I’m almost glad that he didn’t have to live to see this.

    I understood Layne and his pain from the first time I heard his voice. The lyrics were almost too much to bear. “Dirt” could have been written about a situation I was in a few years before it came out, so it resonated with me.

    Rest easy, brother. The sh*t is over for you. Thanks for putting what so many have felt into words.

  31. On this the second anniversary of Layne Staley’s death. I ask that we all take a few moments of rememberence.
    Weight of the heart not the size…

  32. Layne Staley was a genius-he was a gentle heart that was caught up in drugs-he felt there was nothing left in this world- I know he is in a better place now-people shouldn’t have disregarded his death {and his life}just because he did drugs-he was a very lonely soul- I know I have been there- it took two weeks for someone to take notice that he was gone-how sad-I love you Layne-I hope you finally have what you need

  33. I don’t think I have ever heard such powerful lyrics. He wrote really painful and deep lyrics.
    It’s a shame that no one really cared about his death. It was ignored and I got the vibe from people that: well it was bound to happen someday…
    It’s so ironic that he committed suicide at the exact date as Kurt Cobain committed suicide – 5.4 exactly 8 years after Kurt Cobain’s…
    The only difference was that Cobain was found three days after the act, Staley was found two weeks after… Such a fucking shame.

  34. I dont know too many singers these days that have an extra magical notch to their voice,I heard that he could mimic just about any sound,
    my most endearing memories of Lane will be when I saw AIC at the Town & Country London 93, a friend and me blagged our way backstage (Pretending to be in the Clash), the Bouncer let us straight in, Lane saw us for what we were, wide eyed Fans, but allowed us to hang out with him and the band, you touched alot of peoples lives man and you are with us forever.

  35. lane, i like to think you’ll be waiting 4 me in the here after. I couldnt possibly make it through all of the shit I’ve been through if it were’nt 4 your music…..But as i can see you know that all to well….FUCK YOUR HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I know that it has been 3 years now since layne died but even now when I watch the unplugged video, I can barely hold back the tears. There has never been and probably never will be a band that has touched me like AIC. The lyrics layne wrote saved my life. I battled a serious meth addiction for 7 years and the only friend I could really turn to was layne. His will truely live forever in his music and in my heart. If only his own words could have saved himself.

    “You Were always So Far Away”

  37. Funny, in my darkest hours, like I see from so many others, Lane was also there for me. That voice… much credo I do give to Jerry C. for AIC as well, but that voice… noone has it or can compare.

    I’ve moved on so much with my life, damn Disney Radio blasting for the kids in the car, having to use “Mommy voice” on the outside, all the while having “…no you cannot kill the rooster…”, or “…same old trip it was back then…” , “…shove my nose in shit…” growling in my head and Dirt in the player at the ready for when everyone’s out of the car.

    I remember seeing him after escaping rehab, leaning on the wall at the local bar looking for a hook-up. People where just crappy to him, treated him like a junkie… so much disrespect and posturing. I just left him alone, I couldn’t give him what he wanted, junk or her. She died of endocarditis or miocarditis, fluid/tissue inflammation of lining or space around her heart due to complications from drug overuse. Not sure if a car accident put her in this state or not… losing her lost him.

    His voice is the grandest, growling, catharsis that always made me ready for anything, including motherhood. His sound just brings you back to, “okay, I can do this!” I do believe some of us’ll be listening to AIC in the nursing home as we fade on, I know it must be played at my funeral. I am also glad he is in a better place, but so sorry, so, so, sorry that he finally had, “the trip of his life…” I found out, also that he’d been found many days after dying, he’d cut everyone but his dealer off from his life… I cried like a snotty fool for days… girls do that sometimes, but jeez, it was just so wrong, he laid thier for days… the coroner couldn’t ID the body definitively… his poor sister…

    I do love you Lane, nothing you can do about it. You left a nice huge unique mark all of your own. I also forgive you entirley for the “New Wave” days, as I do know a Duran Duran song or two by heart myself, (“dig”). Love always, you inspire me to go above and beyond the shit, Kris

    And yes I am aware that I am a complete psycho for still, years after he’s gone, thinking of him often and with so much fondness, nothing you can do about that either. Peace!

  38. I was bitched at a few of months ago by someone that, in a string, that he hated his name mispelled as “Layne”, how I always thought it was spelled… evil doers… sorry Layne!

  39. There is something to be said about the world that we live in where someone of such great grace and beauty could be forgotten so easily and discarded by the majority of society gue to ones social stigma. The people who make the most significant impact in the lives of total strangers are the profets that we either never truley know on a personal level or completely understand, but they are never ever forgotten by the ones who have been blessed by their touch, presence or glare. FUCK materialistic propogandic phonies whose SOUL purpose in life is the culmination of meaningless THINGS, it is these people who truely are the SOUL-LESS scum of the earth, suckers of SATANS cock. It is these same people that are leading our youth into believing that those evil things are the important aspects in life. Every single person on this planet has a purpose, and not a single soul should be viewed as different because of race, beliefs, or other intangibles. We are all one in blood we shed, the feelings we feel and the lives that we live. We are all apart of a global consciousness to better our selves and the world in which we are brought in to. So it is with great joy and saddness that I shed these tears for you Layne. Your music has touched the lives of all who have posted here and not a single one of us has written you off as the charicature so commonly used to describe you or the life you led, but rather we are all here to embrace you and thank you for the tremendous impact you have had in all of our lives. We love you and you are deeply, deeply missed.


  40. Layne was a great singer, but as far as musician, Jerry Cantrell was always the musical genius of the band.

  41. Working late and I just heard Alice in Chains on the radio. Forgot how good it is. It’s not just good, it’s heavenly. Decided to do a search. When Layne died I was halfway through an opera that he inspired me to write. The plan was to become a rockstar myself, meet Alice and Chains and do the opera together. It would spawn the age of American Opera. Layne is gone and i’m defraging my bosses computer at 12:32 am on fourth of July weekend. Can I extract a point out of this? Okay, here goes… We all do self destructive things on some level, whether it be cigs, putting off practicing your guitar to watch tv, or jamming a needle into your arm. We do it to tune out just for a moment, no harm right? Really there’s this voice inside your head saying, “everybody sucks, life is so harsh, nobody gives me a break,” and that’s why you want to retreat into your dark little cave and hide. Well one day it occured to me, what the fuck have I ever done for anyone else? I mope around all day, but whens the last time I baked my Grandma a cake for nuthin? Or organized a frickin picknic? Or painted my brother’s porch? Or smiled at somebody? Maybe I got to start some good vibes. Okay my point is next time your bummed and start to crawl into your little cave with your sad thoughts, your bourbon, your smoke, or whatever it is that you fondle and call, “my preciousssss,” just realize that there’s some goof out there that’s writing an opera inspired by you. Just like in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” for real. You know what I just remembered something else. I lost somebody last November. My friends sister commited suicide. I was totally smitten by her. She was so beautiful and so cool. I went swing dancing with her once. I never told her how I felt because I was a little… what exactly was it? spiteful? that she was so out of my league. My own insecurity kept me from saying, “hey, by the way, your fucking awesome and if you every want to talk about the universe let me know (and you for sure should never kill yourself). Stupid fuking me. How could someone so rockstar cool get so down. Wow, guess I just needed to talk to the collective conciousness tonight. Thanks people for sharing your feelings. It feels good to know that I’m not the only one that cried like a baby when Layne died. Don’t be too sad or mad at him for living the way he decided to live. Hey and one note about what the dude b4 me wrote. Your point is worth making, but let’s avoid all the cyclical arguments and just say right now that Layne and Jerry were two parts of the same coin (At least creatively, I didn’t know them or play vollyball with them or anything). Their voices were one in the song I just heard. Jerry is a genius there I said it. Your should start a band with Cornel. Screw it, make an album with Prince or something. Here’s what was on the radio. I did another search and copied the lyrics…

    Bury Me Softly In This Womb
    I Give This Part Of Me For You
    Sand Rains Down And Here I Sit
    Holding Rare Flowers
    In A Tomb… In Bloom

    Down In A Hole And I Don’t Know
    If I Can Be Saved
    See My Heart I Decorate It
    Like A Grave
    You Don’t Understand Who They
    Thought I Was Supposed To Be
    Look At Me Now A Man
    Who Won’t Let Himself Be

    Down In A Hole, Losin’ My Soul
    Down In A Hole, Losin’ Control
    I’d Like To Fly
    But My Wings Have Been So Denied

    Down In A Hole And They’ve Put All
    The Stones In Their Place
    I’ve Eaten The Sun So My Tongue
    Has Been Burned Of The Taste
    I Have Been Guilty
    Of Kicking Myself In The Teeth
    I Will Speak No More
    Of My Feelings Beneath

    Oh I Want To Be Inside Of You

    Down In A Hole, Losin’ My Soul
    Down In A Hole, Feelin’ So Small
    Down In A Hole, Losin’ My Soul
    Down In A Hole, Out Of Control

    I’d Like To Fly
    But My Wings Have Been So Denied

    and here’s the lyrics to “There’s a Hole in the Bucket, Dear Liza”

    There’s a hole in the bucket,
    Dear Liza, dear Liza
    There’s a hole in the bucket,
    Dear Liza, there’s a hole.

    Then fix it, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, dear Henry
    Then fix it, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, fix it.

    With what shall I fix it,
    Dear Liza, dear Liza?
    With what shall I fix it,
    Dear Liza, with what?

    With a straw, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, dear Henry
    With a straw, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, with a straw.

    But the straw is too long,
    Dear Liza, dear Liza
    But the straw is too long,
    Dear Liza, too long

    Then cut it, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, dear Henry
    Then cut it, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, cut it.

    With what shall I cut it,
    Dear Liza, dear Liza?
    With what shall I cut it,
    Dear Liza, with what?

    With an axe, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, dear Henry
    With an axe, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, an axe.

    The axe is too dull,
    Dear Liza, dear Liza
    The axe is too dull,
    Dear Liza, too dull

    Then sharpen it, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, dear Henry
    Then sharpen it, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, sharpen it.

    With what shall I sharpen it,
    Dear Liza, dear Liza?
    With what shall I sharpen it,
    Dear Liza, with what?

    With a stone, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, dear Henry
    With a stone, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, a stone.

    The stone is too dry,
    Dear Liza, dear Liza
    The stone is too dry,
    Dear Liza, too dry

    Then wet it, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, dear Henry
    Then wet it, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, wet it.

    With what shall I wet it,
    Dear Liza, dear Liza?
    With what shall I wet it,
    Dear Liza, with what?

    With water, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, dear Henry
    With water, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, with water.

    How shall I get it,
    Dear Liza, dear Liza,
    How shall I get it,
    Dear Liza, how shall I?

    In the bucket, dear Henry,
    Dear Henry, dear Henry
    In the bucket, dear Hen

    There’s a hole in the bucket,
    Dear Liza, dear Liza
    There’s a hole in the bucket,
    Dear Liza, there’s a hole.

    and here’s an anonymous song from a turn of the century American worker:

    We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years
    Author Unknown

    We have fed you all for a thousand years

    And you hail us still unfed,

    Though there’s never a dollar of all your wealth

    But marks the workers’ dead.

    We have yielded our best to give you rest

    And you lie on crimson wool.

    Then if blood be the price of all your wealth,

    Good God! We have paid it in full!

    There is never a mine blown skyward now

    But we’re buried alive for you.

    There’s never a wreck drifts shoreward now

    But we are its ghastly crew.

    Go reckon our dead by the forges red

    And the factories where we spin.

    If blood be the price of your cursed wealth,

    Good God! We have paid it in!

    We have fed you all a thousand years-

    For that was our doom, you know,

    From the days when you chained us in your fields

    To the strike a week ago.

    You have taken our lives, and our babies and wives,

    And we’re told it’s your legal share,

    But if blood be the price of your lawful wealth,

    Good God! We bought it fair!

    Ok I hope it’s done defraging now. BTW Bill Gates it the devil. and oh yeah, how cool is it that Roger Waters finally tore down the wall and got over himself? I love that guy but c’mon pinky, lighten up and play a tour with you band for your fans. All Right!!!

  42. Rest in peace my friend, Layne. Gone, but not forgotten. Your music will live on and always bring me back.


  43. its to bad lane died. i remember when it happened i was out lobstering on a cold foul dark april day. as i look back that was the kind of day somone like that would pass. fuck those that diss him. r.i.p to lane

  44. if people say crap about layne it’s because they’re either very ignorant or consumed by the present music industry that really sucks!! I hope everyone here realizes this is a great loss….AIC is in our hearts, thoughts, painful moments…always to remember one of the best rock singers…RIP Layne

  45. yea… i saw the new AIC not too long ago in vegas… theyre not too bad.. they’ll carry on the legendary sound.. dont worry

  46. he gave us all something special, and he is a reminder to me that there are good people out there in a sometimes cruel world.. you just have to climb out of your hole and find them! layne was one of those dudes. rest in peace brother.

  47. Layne is a great influence in my life musically. I use alot of his singing rifs. His voice was one of the greatest in the last two decades.

  48. Jeff,

    I was just looking at this thread again and I see that we’re past 50 posts. Are you going to look into forwarding these comments to him now?


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