Time Warner to charge flood victims for cable boxes

Heartless Time Warner will be charging people for cable boxes if they were damaged or destroyed in a flood. Here’s a slice of the story.

Dannielle Guerra said his parents are being charged $600 for two ruined boxes. They lost their Canyon Lake home and now live in a trailer.

“I’m just appalled that a company such as Time Warner would expect this (payment),” Guerra said. “If we damaged it ourselves, I could completely understand, but it was damaged by a flood.”

Dannielle, instead of whining about expecting a free pass, how about asking yourself this: why the hell should Time Warner pay for the new equipment? That’s what you apparently think should happen, unless you’re asking for a government handout in an indirect fashion.
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We’re Back

OK, we’re back online. We’ve got a tight new install of MovableType v2.21. We’ve got all our comments and stuff converted to MySQL (except what we lost when we switched over; that’s almost certainly recoverable, but I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble), which means enough of that wack BerkeleyDB crap. Hell, we even have a new header graphic and shiznit, courtesy of Pease Jay.

You can’t stop us, you can only hope to contain us.

Playstation 3

Slashdot links to an interesting article regarding Sony’s plans for the Playstation 3. The short version? A box with 1,000 times the power of the Playstation 2, to potentially come out in 2005 (although I’ll bet you a dollar that it gets delayed until at least 2006).

It’s always fun to hear these insane projections for future products (especially when they come from Sony, since Sony manages to always say some fairly provacative things). At the same time though, I haven’t the slightest idea what “1,000 times more power” means. Does this mean I’m going to have a Cray in my living room, or will I just be able to see slightly faster framerates in Tekken 17?

In any case, I’m reasonably sure that I want one when it comes out.

Bonnie Burton Changes Careers

In a further bit web frolicking (I’m not feeling particularly industrious at the moment), I was just checking out Grrl.com for updates. Grrl.com is the website of Bonnie Burton, a web designer/writer chick who used to work at WinAMP when they were still in the portal business. Her site is an incredibly vivacious waste of time (all websites are an inherent waste of time), and, for what it’s worth, I recommend it highly.
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Extreme Elvis

Comedian Joe Rogan (the guy who hosts Fear Factor and who used to play Joey in NewsRadio) has updated his website after a pretty long dry spell. I like to check Rogan’s website every once in a while, since he seems about as unpretentious as B-list celebrities can get. Plus he enjoys pissing people off, which I sometimes enjoy.

Anyway, this most recent update is about an Extreme Elvis show that Rogan just went to in LA. If you haven’t heard of Extreme Elvis, you should check him out. Not in person, mind you: just visit the link.

Aquarium Update

We went and bought some wildlife for Phet’s aquarium last night. The nice boy at Wal-Mart, Brian, seemed very knowledgeable and nice (except for he kept calling our aquarium a bowl since it’s only two gallon… jerk). Apparantly, we can only buy about three different species of sea life for our aquarium to have any hopes of success for their survival. This was a downer for me, since I was really hoping to get one of those 14″ koi for the aquarium, since it would wrap comically around the globe multiple times and wouldn’t be able to move and stuff. Brian wasn’t amused by this. He seemed highly serious about fish.
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Phet’s Recent E-bay Purchase

Phet’s coolness level has officially gone up a notch with her purchase of a badass Garfield aquarium from Ebay. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with fish or anything (can’t they dehydrate and send live fish in the mail yet?) so until we figure out how to properly operate an aquarium, we’ll have to use it as a big fat night light. As far as night lights go, it works stupendously, and casts a deep orangey glow over the entire room. It works swell as mood lighting. *ahem*.

I’m only going to put up a single picture to tease everybody, but maybe Phet can put up some more after we get some fish.
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These Dreams

I just had a really weird dream. In it, Lance Bass (of *N’Sync, of course) was a product manager at Qualcomm and was dating my high school friend Allie. One of the Backstreet Boys was also involved to some capacity, though I’m having trouble remembering what. And I got a fawning note from Beth Orton, who had recently emigrated from wherever she’s from to Davis, CA. The reason she sent me the note is that she had me confused with another guy with the same name as me who she knew personally.
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The Return of Ren and Stimpy

A while back, Slashdot had an item about Ren and Stimpy returning to TV (with new episodes as well as the old ones) on TNN. Allegedly, John Kricfalusi will be back on board to voice Ren and to help insure an appropriately high violence and nastyness level.

This is badass, methinks. I used to watch Ren and Stimpy religiously when it first came out. It was satisfying on two levels: first, it was funny. Second, it had an amazing sense of style. I love that R & S wore fezzes every once in a while, and there was this horse who used to randomly show up and say a line, and then leave.

I guess you had to be there. In any case, I really hope that this is not just an unsubstantial rumor.

Missing Link Found

The Drudge Report has a link to an article that says scientists have found a 7 million year old, half human, half chimpanzee skull. This discovery means that scientists now have a clear timeline for the evolution of human-like creatures (although not actual humans, since, depending on your faith, actual humans were either created whole by God or, in the case of scientologists, were created whole by L. Ron Hubbard).

It is unclear what became of these mysterious, human-like creatures after evolving from chimps. They probably all perished in the great flood…

Star Control 2 Re-Release

The Pages Of Now and Forever (the big momma of Star Control fansites) have announced that Toys For Bob (the original guys responsible for Starcon 2) are going to re-release Starcon 2. The new Starcon 2 will be based on the 3DO version, playable on all major modern OS’s, and might have a couple of new bells and whistles (here’s hoping for online multiplayer play…). Oh, yeah – and it will be free.

I must confess that this reeks of a phony announcement since it seems hopelessly uncommercial – a little too perfect, as they say. Based on the supporting evidence I’ve found, I am satisfied that it is real, but I’ve certainly been wrong before…

Forking Norton AntiVirus

Norton AntiVirus just killed my entire e-mail Inbox, which of course is the folder that I keep all my useful e-mail in (it had thousands of messages). They have a fix on their website but offer no guarantees that it will be able to recover all my data. This is, of course, absolutely unacceptable. I’m gone ahead and uninstalled NAV and plan not to use it again unless some joker gives me klez again.

This really pisses me off…

Beekeeper Stung 1,000 Times

ABCNews article.

I love how he describes this as “a battle that lasted a half an hour”. I’m pretty sure that when you are being attacked by a swarm of bees and you can’t run away, a “battle” means finding the most comfortable spot on the a field, laying down, and gracefully taking the onslaught.

Maybe “battle” means that he was able to kill every single bee that stung him. Which would be pretty impressive considering bees die after stinging anyway. Good job old bee guy.

The Fourth of July

It’s time to get into the Fourth of July(TM) spirit, since it’s like, tomorrow. This year, it should be extra exciting, since it’s widely anticipated that drooling, slack-jawed terrorists are going to blow something of ours up to help celebrate (CNN, ABCNews, Washington Post, LA Daily News, etc…)

I thought I would help start off the festivities with a bang by linking to Seanbaby’s splendid Homemade Fireworks page. It’s destined to become a holiday classic – read it with somebody you moderately love.

Look Out, Nate…

From Slashdot (article). The RIAA is now planning to sue individuals who swap songs on the internet (as opposed to the evil Kazaas and Napsters that facilitate the swap). Apparently, they are looking for the individuals who frequent the aforementioned services as opposed to those who, say, store gigabytes of MP3s on publically accessible servers (or something…) behind flimsy .htaccess password protection. So they still haven’t caught on to that bit of insidiousness.

So yeah, Nate. If you know anyone who is up to no good, please give them a healthy rap across the foreskull for your friends at the RIAA. Thanks.

My E-mail

For a couple of months now, my e-mail client has been going crazy. It would let me check e-mail only in the first 3-4 minutes that the computer was on, and then it would get connection errors to the server. I never got around to trying to fix it, since it turns out that I don’t like e-mail that much (well, except for the unsolicited sex solicitations).

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that my e-mail has majickally fixed itself. So people who haven’t been able to e-mail me… can now.

Warcraft III Stuff

Yesterday, Slashdot reported on some of the first reviews for Warcraft III. I was surprised by the report in this article that says that Warcraft III will not support TCP/IP multiplayer in order to limit piracy (it’s battle.net exclusive).

Which of course, sucks, since that’s the way I played their last 4 games (through good ol’ piracy. arrr!). Looks like I’ll have to break down and buy a copy now…

Evil Video Games, pt. 2

ABCNews has another article about evil video games, this time centered around Grand Theft Auto 3, which has been out since November. I guess some parents are buying this game for their 13 children despite the game’s clearly labeled 17 years and over recommendation. And I think the kids have been bludgeoning each other or something (the article doesn’t really say), so this is certainly cause for concern. Or something.

The article is bulging at the seams with retarded industry quotes. Simply marvelous.