KSDT In The News

KSDT, the college radio station I used to run, was in a Wired News article today. They interviewed Rishi Shah, who just replaced me as General Manager.

Two thoughts:

1.) I was never any good at drumming up this sort of publicity for station issues, which is a pretty important part of the job. Publicity is dumb. Go Rishi!

2.) I also never had to deal with these damn RIAA streaming audio issues, thank God. The internet broadcasting business (even at the college level, where we get about 12 max simultaneous users) just became an incredible pain in the ass. Again, here’s hoping Rishi can make some sense of all this, because I sure can’t.

I am totally hoping that the entire recording industry goes out of business next week, and then gets rebuilt from the ground up so that it isn’t so lame.

Apple Newton Revisited

Slashdot links to a pretty interesting article about Apple’s old Newton PDA. Apparently, the Newton has been embraced and heavily supported by the open source community.

I had actually completely forgotten about the Newton. What is my problem that I read an article like this and immediately want to get my hands on one of these (I’m not even exactly sure what I want it for)? This and an NES Power Glove. And maybe R.O.B. for good measure…

I need serious help.

Foreign Spam

Normally I dislike spam, but I enjoyed this:

To: "嘉文"<嘉文@mso-net.net>
Subject: 男 性熱門話 題

What are those things… eggs, or candy, or ? Hopefully someone (perhaps 嘉文, if he/she/it is reading) can shed some light on this subject.

Bad Driver in the House

or, rather, on the street outside.

There’s a dojo somewhere in the strip mall across the alley from our place. I don’t know exactly where, but if I’m hanging out in my front yard at the right time of day I see lots of young men in pajamas and brightly colored sashes walking by my place–on their way to class, no doubt.

Three times over the last couple of weeks, I’ve also seen a minivan that seems to have some connection to the dojo as well. This is notable because the driver of this vehicle has got to be one of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen.
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VW Is Bringing Back The Microbus

CNN has an article about Volkswagen’s plans to reintroduce the Microbus in 2005.

I suppose this is kind of cool from a nouveau hippie standpoint, but I have to say that the original 50’s and 60’s microbuses kind of freaked me out – with that huge bulge in the floor for the engine, and the clever plan of using the driver and passengers as crumple zones in the event of an accident. The article doesn’t mention those features specifically, so I’d imagine they’ve been fixed.

On another, brief, note, I’ve ridden around in Eurovans a couple of times, and they are insane. For some reason, I do have a bit of nostalgia for those Vanagons in the 80’s, but I understand they sucked. I wonder when VW is going to get this right…

Player Strike


It doesn’t matter that the average player salary is two million dollars. The issue is, the owners want to place external restrictions (via a luxury tax) on salaries–an artificial salary restriction. Meanwhile, the fact that the players can’t sign a contract or get paid a red cent without a team owner’s John Hancock seems to be escaping the attention of most Americans. Players can’t hold a gun to a general manager’s head to get a contract. It must be offered. If a team is offering contracts that they can’t hope to turn into profits (like the Pirates, Devil Rays, and Royals) because they can’t recognize a bad deal when they propose one, why shouldn’t they suffer?
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Thought For The Day

Over the past couple of days, I have basically become addicted to Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats. Since it’s nearly pure wheat (well, wheat and sugar), I figure that there isn’t much too much that can go wrong. I’ve eaten nearly three boxes in the past three days, just popping them like popcorn.

To make a long story short: friends, there is such a thing as too much fiber…

Shaq says he wasn’t hosting Florida kids camp

I enjoyed this article. Here’s a priceless quote:

“People know when I do an event it’s done right,” O’Neal told Fox Sports Net on Thursday.

Sure, Shaq. You’re a veritable Seal of Quality. Uh, except we’ll have to include a disclaimer that event cannot be construed to mean “motion picture”, “rap album”, or “free throw”.

Cat Killer Acquitted

Interesting article in CNN. A landlord killed two cats belonging to a tenant by blowing them away with a shotgun. He was convicted of destroying her property, but the courts decided that death by shotgun isn’t particularly cruel (since farmers use shotguns all the time to off pigs and stuff), and therefore acquitted him on the cruelty to animals charge.

I’m not sure that I have a problem with any of this, but it is kind of strange to not regard blowing away two cats as being cruel.

My favorite line from the article:

“A judge ruled that Eric Grossnickle destroyed the cats in a legally acceptable manner when he blasted them with a 12-gauge shotgun.”


If I could write a subtitle on here it would read as such: “The Most Dudicallist Movie Ever. And The Most Rad Too.”

So anyway, I have been Tron retentive for a couple of years now. It all started about the same time as I switched to my VisArts major, and one day when were sitting in our retarded Photoshop class (“This week: exploring the pixel…”) I started kind of pondering what would be involved with producing the goofy light effects in Tron using a series of Photoshop filters.
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I got new shoes

Phet and I went shopping a couple of days ago, and I bought a couple new pairs of shoes. I had heard that there was a new trend towards vintage shoes, and was kind of interested to check them out (I’ve always kind of felt like my feet hailed from a simpler time). Previous to this purchase, I had been wearing my racquetball shoes everywhere, and let’s be honest: plain white Reeboks do not complement my colorful personality (which actually was described as outright “flamboyant” by a past employer).

No sir, I need some shoes with some pep, with a little bit of moxie. Something snazzy…
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Roy Orbison Show on PBS

There’s a really cool Roy Orbison concert special on PBS right now. It’s cool because Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello are the rhythm guitarists and Bonnie Raitt and KD Lang (I think) are among the backup singers. And It’s not really like “Roy Orbison and friends” or anything so much as it’s just Roy Orbison with a famous backup band.

On a related note, this is sort of my idea of what heaven would be like…

I got some bad Coke…

I was just kind of hanging out today, being cool, when I decided to go to Carl’s Jr for a delicious Six Dollar Burger. So I pull into the drive through, order the Large size #11 combo meal (because… I’m worth it), and then go about the rest of my business. Thing was, when I go to take a drink from my 94 oz. Bladder Blaster-size Coke, my eager tastebuds were greeted with what tasted like carbonated rat bile.

Once again, the good people of fast food had cooked my drink wrong. And now, I’m mad as all heckfire.
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That Wacky Shlonglor

September 1, 2006 Update: Attention Shlonglor readers: FU. Have a nice day.

Okay, okay. I vowed never to mention Shlonglor on this website (suffice it to say that I think he’s kind of a drip), but his recent antics are just too funny. Apparently, he has started something of a feud with a Warcraft 3 “clan” called Incinerate or something (it is unclear if War3 clans are somehow related to the Ku Klux Klan, or merely trying to horn in on the Klan’s good publicity.) The IN Clan has a sort of War3 community page where the Grand Wizard, Incinerate was preaching the gospel of Perfect Play, which is the philosophy that if you play perfectly, you won’t ever lose. Shlonglor then latched on to this philosophy as being flawed and incredibly “gay”. A very protracted webpage battle (and hilarity) has ensued.
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Wish I Had a Ghetto Name

Chris Terry, some guy from the Carolina Panthers, had a restraining order slapped on his ass yesterday. It seems that Terry had been pushing his wife NyQuell Jackson-Terry around a little bit.

NyQuell? Jesus, that’s almost as cool of a name as Sirmarcus. Wonder what Jackson-Terry’s siblings names are… Pepto B. Jackson? Mylanta Jackson? Preparation H. Jackson?

Here’s the article [ESPN.com]

Win XP for Cheap

Microsoft is selling Win XP Pro for $39 plus shipping, and it comes with a bunch of other crap (a baseball, a bobble head dude, bubble gum, etc.) You might want to take advantage of this offer to legalize your Win XP status if that’s the OS you use.

You need to sign up for a .net passport thingy and say you work with a company, but you can make the company up if you want.

They had this deal back in May, only it came with different stuff–a Win XP Lava Lamp, for one. I shoulda bought it then, because I’m a sucker for lava lamps. Oh well, I’m a sucker for bobble head figures too, and I’ll be getting one of those.

It Was Really Pretty Out Today

It takes me an hour and forty five minutes to get home from UCSD, since I’ve been taking the shuttle to Hillcrest Medical Center and walking home from there. I generally don’t really mind the commute since it gives me precious “me” time, but I have to say that I actually enjoyed it a lot today, since the weather was so nice.

Plus, I bought a Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream cone from Baskin-Robbins on the way home, which means I pretty much obliterated any health advantages of the walk, which I am actually a big fan of.

Hey, I just thought of a cool slogan! “Fitness Is Witless!” Shit, yeah! I still got it!