Your Government at Work

Now that we’ve played out our last debate, with both sides certain they’ve won, I wanted to move onto a new, equally troubling question.

Regardless of whether you support the proposed war or not, this is really ridiculous. This week, the White House and its cronies have essentially told off the military and told them that they don’t know anything about how to prepare for war. Since I don’t see Rumsfeld and Bush clamoring to get into desert camouflage, this is going to prove to be very difficult indeed if we need the military to actually do some fighting.
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Portion of Concorde’s rudder falls off

CNN Article. I find it amusing that an airline official called the rudder parts “not critical”. I mean, sure the plane didn’t crash, but I’d think it’s pretty critical in general to keep airplanes from falling apart in flight. I mean, this isn’t a ’74 Vega losing it’s hubcap after a tight turn, it’s the rudder of a damn Concorde.

Made up quote:

“The parts in question were non-structural plastic rudder fascia panels, designed simply to complement the good-looking Concorde rudder structure and make the already sleek airplane appear even sleeker. France Air keeps a number of snap-on replacement panels at every Concorde service location, and repair is expected to take 5-7 minutes and cost $36.”

I seriously think that Air France should concentrate on preventing all parts from falling off their airplanes in mid-flight, even the non-critical ones. Like the rudder.

Official WTC Replacement Really Friggin’ Tall

Holy Crap. The new tower will be 1776 feet tall. The old ones were 1440 feet tall and the present tallest buildings, the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur are 1483 feet tall.

I still say it would be a grand idea to place a couple, uh, ceremonial, CIWS emplacements in strategic locations on the building (it’s interesting to note that the CIWS can fire 4,500 rounds a minute, but can only actually hold ~900 rounds. That’s 12 seconds of actual, full throttle firing. Cool.)

What My Aunt and I Talk About.

So I realize that I don’t make the most convincing anti-war spokesman. I’m just some punk kid with no real world experience, right? I spend most of my time cracking wise about stupid fashions and the ridculousness of local politics, I get most of my insight from newspapers, and I write for a Web site named for profanity.

But still, in my little childish, impotent voice, let me say something. This war that we’re about to get into is a titanic mistake.
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Student Jumps From Pacific Hall

UCSD Guardian Article. A 19 year old female Visual Arts student at UCSD committed suicide on Friday by jumping off of 5-story Pacific Hall.

We heard some rumors about this on campus on Friday (something about a mysterious congregation of police cars), but otherwise, this has received relatively little attention. I’m not sure what to make of that.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t know her, but it’s still a pretty sad thing.

Another Blow To Legalized Marijuana

There are a whole bunch of billboards cropping up in my neighborhood urging my neighbors to keep medical marijuana legal. The only problem is that they put a picture of a dicked up little girl holding a sign on the billboards, which casts a fairly unconvincing light on the entire effort. From the organization’s website, I’ve learned that the girl is the daughter of some crusader type person, which I suppose goes some ways to help explain all this, but I think that it might have been a good idea for the marijuana people to hire a stand-in for the girl (say, an Olsen twin or something) to make this all seem less unpleasant.

Here is an appallingly high-res image of the billboard so you can decide for yourself.

Japanese Invent ‘Invisibility Cloak’. Again.

Ananova article. I love it when people write articles about this ridiculous technology, expecially since they are always accompanied by bemused Japanese grad students wearing silly blue windbreakers and getting stuff projected on themselves.

What the scientists have invented is, of course, chromakey, the same technology that weathermen have been using for thirty years to majickally float over the entire frickin’ country. Now, if we could only wear a suit made out of chromakeyed material and get everybody to wear goggles that are fooled by my suit, why, I could finally sneak into women’s locker rooms with impunity. Ingenius!

Of course, the scientists never said that they created actual invisibility, just some sort of potential vision assistance system for surgeons and pilots. All of which would make their demonstration of a non-invisible invisible japanese guy all the more silly. These guys want to create a manga-inspired, Solid Snake-y sneaking suit and they know it.

None of this is to say that invisibility suits are technologically impossible, but for these particular implementations to be called breakthroughs is, perhaps, an overstatement. As soon as someone makes a material that can change its own appearance without stupid projections or camera tricks, then I think we’ll have something…

Meatpackers to Girls: Eat Delicious Beef

This is one of the more enigmatic websites I’ve stumbled across in a while. Apparently, the Beef Advisory Board is concerned about the disturbing growth of vegetarianism among teenage girls. Thus, they have started a website, Cool to be Real, to extol the virtues of delicious beef to young girls.

Hey ladies: beef enchiladas are way radder than cheese enchiladas. The Beef Advisory Council invites you to be rad.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of actual beef discussion on this site (it’s mostly pictures of beef laden items with self-affirming slogans next to them), so I suppose the fact that it exists at all has to be reason enough.

As a special bonus, here’s a Time article that confirms that this beef site is retarded.