“Alt-To-Music” Pioneer Wesley Willis Dead

Wesley Willis, the self-described “obese schizophrenic” man who was a pioneer of the “alt-to-music” movement, was fatally beaten down by some jerk-ass kids in Hartford, Connecticut, yesterday.

Willis, whose gibberish lyrics and Casio electric keyboard stylings provided adventurous listeners an alternative to listening to music, was 39.

In an undated file photo, Willis mugs for the camera.

5 thoughts on ““Alt-To-Music” Pioneer Wesley Willis Dead”

  1. Dammit, Dave, that’s not funny. Just because someone is a big schizophrenic black guy doesn’t necessarily make him Wesley Willis. An unusually motivated Wesley Willis groupie, sure, but not necessarily the real thing.

    The world is in upheaval right now, and all it would take to really put it up you-know-what creek is a major popular disappointment, exactly like the death of rock luminary Wesley Willis would be. You are toying with powers you can scarcely understand, American pigdog.

    Heck, that doesn’t even look like my Wesley. Where’s the distinctive permanant headbutt-induced knot on his forehead? ’nuff said.

    Rock over London, rock on, Chicago…

  2. This is like the saddest thing, ever. Further, I’m pretty sure that this is all somehow Dave’s fault. Bad Dave! BAD!

    That said, I’m not sure that it’s to anyone’s benefit to take down this page, since it sort of serves as a testament to WW’s overwhelming impact during life. See, Dave only listens to 80’s music and Aryan rock, so if WW was able to resonate with Dave enough to compel Dave to fake his death, well then that’s something special.

    Put it this way: did Dave ever try to falsify Jello Biafra’s death? Heck no! Thus, Jello Biafra was clearly small time compared to the great Wesley Willis.

    Does anybody know where I can pick up some of the non Alternative Tentacles WW albums? Someone should release a box set or something…

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