Finding Nemo

Phet and I saw Finding Nemo this evening and enjoyed it very much. We ended up seeing it on the AMC 20’s snazzy DLP screen, wich for an all CG movie is a definite plus.

Nemo was definitely one of the most visually amazing animated movies I’ve ever seen, due in part to the inherent “swooshiness” of CG cameras, but also due to movie’s underwater setting. With gravity largely taken out of the equation, the models are free to zoom around with wild abandon. Pixar takes advantage of the staging to create some incredible visuals.

As to plot, Nemo is basically a road movie starring fish (fish are on journey, fish meet wacky characters, hilarity ensues). I generally think that road movies end up looking really contrived (“We’re stranded in the desert! Whatever will we do? Oh look, a truck!”), but Pixar manages to throw in enough imaginative touches to keep it surprising all the way through. Further, the only “theme songs” in the movie are completely incidental (no KyXy hit singles to be found here), which is a definite plus.

In the final analysis, I thought that Monsters Inc. was just a skosh better (I definitely prefer all Pixar brand animation to Disney’s any day), but Nemo has officially become Phet’s new favorite animated movie. So there.

I would give it 4.5 Pochaccos (out of a scale of 5)

Bob Hope Still Alive

CNN Article.
“I am required by law to laugh at that joke.”

Master of old-school, mostly unfunny, humor Bob Hope has just turned 100! God job, Bob!!!

These “Celebration of a Life”-type articles are interesting in that they are basically a single find/replace away from being actual eulogies. I’m not sure if this is an oversight or if the media is actively trying to freak the guy out.

Put it this way: I’ll bet that “People” has the commemorative “Bob Hope Remembered” issue already laid out and ready to go to press when, uh… the need arises…

Wagering for Fun and Profit

With the season nearly a third over, its time for some baseball news. Since the Padres (the local “major league” team for you out-of-towners) could suck start a leaf blower this year, I’ll stick with that theme.

Earlier this year, before we started keeping score, Woody and I made a little wager on our respective HACKING MASS teams. You can click the below links to view our team information–the statistics are updated daily, so stop by any time to see how we’re progressing.

Dave’s Team
Woody’s Team

Speaking of leaf blowers, any time you want to pick one up for me, Woody, I’m ready to consider this wager resolved.

Sharon Calls For Palistinean State

CNN Article.

This strikes me as a very good step towards peace in Israel (although setting the precedent that “if you blow up our shit enough, you’ll get your own state” is a bit unnerving). The question in my mind is whether the Palistineans can get their acts together and quit blowing themselves up for awhile. I mean, really, that’s like their entire culture now. The French culture, for instance, centers around pacifists who wear berets and act all snooty, whereas the Palistineans are a people who universally hate Israel and delight in blowing themselves up. How will these people take to the idea of going out and getting real jobs once they are appeased?

Jack Johnson: On And On

Phet got the new Jack Johnson album a couple of days ago, and I’ve been listening to it a lot. It was immediately obvious from the first couple of songs that this album is far more muted and mellow than Brushfire Fairytales was (we kept saying that the album name stems from the fact that the album sometimes seems to go on and on. Ha ha). There don’t seem to be a lot of radio friendly hits on this album, and nothing anywhere close to the poppyness of Flake or Bubble Toes. That said, I like it a lot.
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I think I’ve figured school out

It’s grades time at SDSU. Normally, that means I’m worried about coming in under the Pease brothers special academic version of the Mendoza line, but I just got my grades this semester and I almost made the Dean’s list. It’s only taken 28 years but I think I might have this school thing figured out.

  1. Show up to class no less than–and hopefully little more than–half the time. You’ll retain a lot more natural enthusiasm for the subject and material than those party-pooping by-the-book never-miss-a-class martinets.
  2. Ask questions and make comments of a non-moronic variety.
  3. Talk to teach after class sometimes, or drop by for a couple of office hour visits over the course of the semester. Don’t brown-nose. In fact, if possible, find someone who will blatantly brown-nose and get in line right behind them.

    Your favorite local B-school grad might refer to this as “Branding and Positioning”.

  4. If you can get in a class that uses The Business Strategy Game in any capacity, do it. This is especially true if you know Woody. You’ll be doing both him and yourself a favor.
  5. Take a bunch of notes at the start of the semester, through at least the first test. After that, you know what to expect, so tailor your note-taking strategy appropriately.

    Perhaps this is just a justification of my tendency to take less and less notes as the semester rolls on.

  6. Have a job or hobby in a related field to your course work, so you can soak up the independent study credits by doing what you’d be doing anyway.

Al Qaorda wants to blow more stuff up

CNN Article.

The world is on alert for some neat new terrorist attack sometime in the near future. There isn’t a whole lot to be said about this since if it happens, it happens (and, in the final analysis, I’m not sure that that 9/11 aftermath thing went so well for the evil terrorists). Nothing remains to be said, except maybe “bring it on, evil Jihadi pigdogs”.

One thing I was surprised to read in the above article was that Saudi Arabia recently caught 3 Al Qqeada henchmen plotting a “spectacular 9/11 style attack” on, of all places, Saudi Arabia. Now, I’m no genius, but an attack by Al Kada on Saudi Arabia seems like a minor tactical misfire at this juncture. That’s like me declaring war on Germany and then blowing up my parents’ house. I’m not sure who’s running things over there, but I’m pretty sure they need to sit down with an Atlas and have a good think about where the infidel Americans actually live. (Hint: it’s either North America or South America, but I’m not going to say which one. Now you at least have a 50-50 chance. Good luck with that.)

Larry Fishburne on critics: Fork them!

Skynews article via Drudge Report.

Laurence Fishburne

I’m all intimidated by Laurence Fishburne now. He’s totally like a different person since he changed his name and quit playing a gheri curled cowboy on Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Although, as far as I’m concerned the jury’s (gheri’s?) still out on which was the real Laurence Fishburne III (I still anticipate him writing an autobiography where he describes his Playhouse Cowboy Curtis days as “the one time I was truly free” or some such). Only time will tell…

Larry Fishburne

American Idol 2

During the last American Idol, I was, like, totally wigged out when it got down to the final two. I was like, Justin is cute, but then, Kelly is cute, too. So then when Kelly won, I was like, all happy that she had won because she was all cute and pretty, but I was also kind of sad that Justin lost because he was cute too. I thought that it was so too bad that there could be only one.

Then I heard that Kelly was going to celebrate her American Idol win by making a movie… with JUSTIN!!!! And I was so happy, because it was like both won after all. I also hear they get to kiss and make out and stuff, *giggle*.

Now we’re down to two candidates in American Idol 2, and I’m nervous because, once again, they’re both kind of hunky. But regardless of who becomes American Idol, they’re totally both winners in my book. The both seem so nice and I’m sure that they will both be successful and famous forever.

Maybe they’ll make a movie together after the competition ends (I’m picturing a musical sequel to Fled… that’d be awesome). Only this time the movie wouldn’t have kissing and stuff because that’d be totally gross, *giggle*.

Half-Life 2: Electric Boogaloo

Here’s a giant 25 minute trailer/demo for Half-Life 2 (, 500+ MB, via Expect Nothing)

This is the killer app my computer has been waiting for. I never got into Warcraft III like I was hoping, and Neverwinter Nights wasn’t all that great, but the stuff they’re doing with Half-Life 2 looks insane.

If that file’s too large a download, maybe Woody will burn you a CD if you ask him nicely.

Nintendo .mp3s

I have been kind of addicted to the music of old NES games for a while now, going back roughly to the time that I was introduced to Estradasphere by Pete at KSDT (Estradasphere are a Santa Cruz based band that do lots of video game covers.) Since then, I have been trying figure out ways to listen to the original music (especially the Castlevania series, *slobber*, *fawn*, *slobber*). I discovered .nsf files early on, which emulate the Nintendo hardware to play the original tunes nearly perfectly. The only problem with .nsfs is that they are too perfect, and loop indefinitely, just as the original songs did in the game levels and such.

Recently, I bit the bullet and converted a bunch of my .nsfs to .mp3 so I can put them on a CD or something. I’ve uploaded a bunch of them (from Zelda, Castlevania, and Castlevania 2) below, so you can check out what I’ve been yammering about. I’ve also put up an Estradasphere video game song, as well (more can be found on their site).
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Sharing a collegiate moment

This week on campus has been a regular abortion-fest, with giant posters of aborted fetuses proudly festooning library walk (I briefly considered mistaking the event for our quarterly campus poster sale. I wonder how the pro-lifers would react to me trying buy one of their aborted fetus pictures for my apartment. Perhaps needless to say, I thought better of it.)

My photography professor (a wizened, yet sort of mangy, old rebel type) was addressing the debate between the pro-lifers and the anti-lifers in class, and he managed to put it into incredibly entertaining and profane terms. The vital passage has been italicized, for convenience.

“The unanswerable question,” he said, “is at what point conception takes place. Does it occur immediately after the sex act, or does it occur later after some particular chemical reaction occurs within the woman? What about those who believe that every sperm has potential to conceive? Maybe every male in here has a ton of little guys banging around in his nuts as we speak.”

It seemed somehow forward for my professor to be discussing my nuts (not to mention the countless guys banging around in them) in this fashion, but I suppose there was no harm done.

Texas Democrats in Exile

51 missing Texas democrats have been located at a motel in Oklahoma. Texas Rangers dispatched to arrest the political refugees were unable to retrieve them, as Oklahoma refused to extradite. Legislative business has come to a stand-still in the Texas house since the Democrats’ escape, as there are insufficient remaining legislators to comprise a quorum.

Democrats fled after U.S House Majority Leader Tom Delay pushed the overwhelmingly Republican Texas house to introduce a redistricting bill which would Gerrymander Texas to give the U.S. House five to seven additional GOP seats. Comments have been entertaining on both sides of the aisle. The Democratic take has been “Neener neener neener,” to which the Republicans have largely responded “Bock bock bock BAAAAAWK!”

Ah, representative democracy. Good times, good times.

Playing cards are rapidly becoming the preferred information medium for missing persons.

Exciting Update!

We haven’t been updating in earnest recently, but in our defense, there hasn’t been all that much going on in the world worth talking about. I guess some stuff has been getting blown up in Chechnya and Saudi Arabia but, eh, what can you do about that. Also, there was that New York Times reporter guy who got busted for not having the sort of journalistic integrity that we at JesusH pride ourselves on (in an exclusive interview with JesusH, the reporter told me “I am a very bad man. Not only did I plagiarise stuff and make up quotes and stuff, but I have a corpse in the trunk of my car. Seriously. And I am wearing panties right now.” Police are investigating.)

On a personal note, however, I am pleased to announce that I ran over a cat last night. At least, I think it was a cat (I suppose it might have been an opossom or a particularly rodent-like small child). Whatever it was ran across, like, three lanes of traffic to come to a (very final) rest under the wheels of my car. I was kind of taken aback by the entire experience, let me tell you.

There was a loud clunking noise at impact.

Luckily, I’m pretty sure my car came through the experience completely unscathed. Good times.

Another Jeff Movie

This is my most recent movie (and potentially, the last solo film of my college career). It got a pretty good reaction from my class. The assignment was something about mixing a fictional narrative with some sort of documentary deal.

It received some criticism for having no fight scenes or violent, stick related deaths. This is because the only other person I had available to fight was Phet, and I didn’t want to piss her off because I needed her to hold the camera.

The Canyon Fort

The Spirit of M.S.S. Awards

It’s SOP in entertainment. When something succeeds you copy the hell out of it, be it dating shows, gross out reality tv, comic book movies or nostalgia merchandising. Lets keep this to ourselves, but the same may apply to hyperbolic media spinning. So we were too late to get in on the ground floor of Iraqi Information Minister focused money making schemes. Just means we need to be vigilant for the next one.

It may not yet be time to start mass-producing action figures, but Kim Myong Choi, Executive Director of the Centre for Korea-American Peace is showing astonishing potential to give Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf a run for his money.

“It’s quite obvious North Korea may have minimum 100 nuclear warheads, maximum 300,” he says. “They all lock onto American cities.”

Hmmm… not terribly believable, but makes you a little nervous. Let’s hear what else he has to say.

“North Korea will use those nuclear weapons against the US mainland if America imposes additional economic sanctions on North Korea.” Right. If that works, the next time a 300 lb slab of bouncer tells me I can’t get into a club, I’ll threaten to punch him in the face unless he lets me in.

But in case anyone is still taking him seriously, he’s denying that Australians took into custody a North Korean official who was on a heroin smuggling ship. “I’m afraid the Australian Foreign Minister is entirely wrong.” He’s still junior league, but there’s potential, I’m tellin ya.

And if anyone saw this entry in the five minutes between when it was first posted then edited, yes, a really long one-word article title like “” does completely f*** up the movable type layout.

Jeff’s Sun God Article

I wrote an article a couple of days ago for a UCSD literary magazine, The Nightcap. It’s about UCSD’s silly SunGod festivals and my past (limited) involvement with them. I’m in a highly jokeriffic mood with this article, which may occasially result in it being slightly incoherent. Oh well: them’s the breaks.

It turns out that this issue may not even come out at all this quarter due to financial type difficulties with the paper. This is, of course, very sad, but I am somewhat consoled by the fact that I could still submit this to Rolling Stone or Time or Penthouse Forums, and no doubt get it printed right off.

So I guess that’s something…
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