I’m An Idiot

So I got this cool new LCD monitor at work–much like my monitor at home, only it’s an 18″ instead of a 17″. It also supports dual inputs, and I’ve been trying to get the IT department to help me take a Sun signal and convert it to VGA and/or DVI so I can use the second input on my monitor and have both my computers display on a single screen.

Anyway, I have this DVI to VGA adapter that Jeff gave me, and I brought it in to work today to put it on the monitor (the reasons why are long, boring, and generally unflattering to IT). So I’ve got the monitor tipped over on it’s screen and I’m wrestling with this connection on the back and I can’t get the DVI end of the adapter to seat on the monitor plug. After half a minute, I flip the monitor back over and…

uh oh. It was resting on something.

Now I’ve got this weird little blueish figure right in the middle of my monitor. I did all of the above before lunch, and it hasn’t gone away yet. I’m really hoping it’ll just work itself out over the weekend, because I don’t figure to get another new monitor at work for about five years and it’ll be pretty obnoxious to look at the bluish splotch for 1250 work days and be reminded that I do pretty dumb stuff sometimes.

Dumb Animal News of the Day

U.S. offers $100,000 to relocate orca

Recently, "just for fun, Luna was bouncing a sea plane," Lohn said. Such playful behavior could have had disastrous results for the plane's occupants, he noted — and the whale has suffered deep gashes from encounters with boats.

“They’re very bright animals”, a very stupid man said.

Sheesh… how about we save ourselves about $99,999 and shoot this thing? Heck, then we could chop Luna up, cook her, can her, and sell her to supermarkets. A public safety hazard becomes a profit center! Now that’s smart, if you ask me.

Fires Update

Tuesday was, if anything, worse than Monday in terms of air quality in both the College area and Sorrento Valley. I got a few pictures, and I need to look through them to see if there’s anything worthwhile, but it was generally a dark, dreary, awful-looking day. That we just moved our clocks back magnified the gloom, as it got dark earlier than we were used to both days.

Magically, Wednesday and today have been very pretty. It was like someone scrubbed the skies as we slept on Tuesday night. Now we’re seeing some scattered rain in Sorrento Valley, which is great news for the firefighting efforts.

And as an added bonus, I’ve managed to miss an entire week of school–my Monday-Wednesday class at SDSU was cancelled all week (SDSU just started class again today–sorry, Deb) and the midterm I was supposed to take at Miramar tonight was also cancelled as San Diego community colleges took Monday through Thursday off.

To top it all off, I can match the donation Deb and I made to the Red Cross with my employer, so I’m twice as good a person as I originally signed up to be. Things are really looking up!

(Oh, and for those of you looking for updates on the rest of the JesusH family, Mom, Dad, Jeff and Phet, and all of our friends appear to have escaped the threat of fire damaging their possessions or extremeties.)

Dolphin Killers

Dolphin massacre turns sea blood red [via Drudge]

I don’t find the story itself particularly interesting, but look at the photos. I don’t know how many dolphins you’d have to allow to completely bleed out to change the volume of water that we’re seeing here to bright red, but it’s got to be way more than the 60 the article claims.

Anyone who has ever had a pool knows how hard it is to effect a color change to the water of the magnitude that we’re supposedly seeing here. These photos are obviously doctored–my guess is it’s a crummy attempt at sensationalism by the animal rights activists that took them in the first place, with the AP playing patsy.

Dolphin killers on a river of complete and unmitigated bullshit.

San Diego Fire Photos

Jeff already stirred up this topic with his post yesterday, but now we’ve got some amateurish pictures of San Diego after the fire, so I’ll go ahead and post them here.

Being the diligent and dedicated employee that I am, I left the house at 7:30 this morning for the office. I grabbed the camera on the way out the door and here’s what I found.
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San Diego Wildfires

I just thought I’d post a quick message about the San Diego wildfires for those of you who don’t live in San Diego: it’s a big deal.

Several places in Escondido have been evacuated. Mom and Dad, as of a half ohour ago, had not been evacuated (in fact, Dad was still working on the wine cellar), but there could be an order at any time depending on the winds. Scripps Ranch, where we used to live (the Oakbend house) is on fire, with several houses having burned on Semillon, which was our main cross street.

I don’t think there is enough vegetation around our apartment for us (Phet and Jeff) to be at risk, but we have been close to the news all day. All of San Diego is completely covered with smoke and ash. It sucks.

Please keep your fingers crossed for mom and dad…


I went through a couple of days this week when I was really miserable-sick–not in any grave danger or anything, but with a head packed full of a disgusting viscous fluid and a pressure on my sinuses giving me the worst damned headache. So I was sitting around the house, not really good for anything constructive, and I turned on the TV. What I saw brightened a pretty unhappy day and reminded me of a category of movies I’ll call “Movies I’d Be Ashamed To Admit I Like If I Cared What You Thought” (or MIBATAILIICWYT).
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X10 Bankrupt

I’m gonna miss these douchebags, who did much more than their fair share of annoying Internet users during their relentless pop-under campaign. That the company was a large part of the reason that pop up killers exist is bad enough; the sleazy pictures of half-naked nubile chicks with none-too-subtle “see everything that’s going on, big boy” tag lines were completely lacking in class. Here’s a company that leaves a slime trail on whatever it touches–the corporate equivalent of former California gubernatorial candidate and current political dead end Cruz Bustamente.

As someone said in a spirited Battlefield 1942 battle yesterday: sweet dreams, jackasses.

Playing in the Bush Leagues

Now you wouldn’t know it from listening to the radio, watching television, reading the newspaper or perusing the Internet, but apparently, the war in Iraq is going splendidly. All those reports about bombs, assassinations, snipers, dead soldiers and no biological or chemical weapons– they’re all just filtered by the mainstream media conspiracy. Luckily, we can count on President Bush getting the truth out somehow.
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My first movie!

For my Educational Technology class, we were assigned to produce a 3-5 minute video showcasing student teaching. It was a fun project. Somehow I managed to finagle my way into being both director and editor. Footage was filmed on a Sony handheld mini-DV cam and the resulting movie was edited with Apple’s nifty iMovie program. We decided on a silent film theme ala Charlie Chaplin after a few other themes were scrapped because we didn’t want to deal with voiceovers or any other sound editing of that ilk. I’m no expert when it comes to movie making, but our project didn’t turn out too shabby, me thinks. Joan Chen, watch out… 🙂

View the movie here and tell me what you think!

Spam This, Iceholes…

Today marks the first exposure I’ve had to the newest annoyance to grace this fabulous inter-net: Blog Comment Spam, which has apparently been all the rage on Moveable Type based sites for a couple of months now. This has all been a bittersweet realization for me. On one hand, spam is a disgusting scourge against all that is good and holy. On the other, this site has rarely seemed so popular. Hmmm…

Obviously, we can’t allow spammers to dick with our good site’s comments, and we would prefer to not have to be deleting them constantly (although, now that I’m fun-employed, and don’t really have anything better to do.) I’ve gone ahead and banned the offending IPs from posting comments on this site, but I suspect that the spammers have plenty of IPs to burn. If this continues to be an annoyance, we may have to look at putting together a registration based system for this site (which we’ve talked about doing in other contexts in the past).

I have left the first two comments up, since I was good enough to reply to them personally. Since I am preserving those two for posterity, I sanitized their outgoing links to far more palatable sites than those initially offered.

By the way, here are the IPs attached to the three comment spams we received. After the white-hats of the world finish tracking down and Montecoring that Half Life 2 hacker, you may want to pay these fellows a visit:

Online Petition to Recall Schwarzenegger

Petition Online poll via Lance Arthur.

I probably wouldn’t give this thing the time of day, except to say that I found the following quote hilarious:

Finally, there is a tape going around cyberspace [see http://www.ugo.com/channels/freestyle/features/celebritypranks/default.asp] in which Schwarzenegger’s voice is calling a Hooters waitress a “son of a bitch” and asking her if she likes discipline. It’s probably digitally enhanced, but you never know.”

I think it’s safe to say that in this case, we actually know…

Mr. Schwartz-ahem-cough, cough.

So I’m entertaining myself by looking at statewide returns by candidate (99% of precincts reporting), and there are some interesting tidbits. Larry Flynt won first place in the race for top circus candidate (if you exclude Arnold), coming in right behind Arianna Huffington (but with half her votes), and edging out Gary Coleman by a nose. Then it gets pretty interesting.

Just behind Coleman was a man by the name of George P. Schwartzman. “Who?” you ask. Why, urological servicer George P. Schwartzman, who got more votes than porn star Mary Carey. A puzzling development, until I realized he got the illiterate Arnold vote, which begs the question “why didn’t he get more?”

Also doing ok was Van Vo, who got more votes than Gallagher and came close to winning Orange County. In absolute last place, with 171 votes, is Todd Richard Lewis: “The Bumhunter.” Todd has a video, but no friends. It’s just as well. People don’t link to the second-to-last guy.

Be Careful With That Memo

Here’s the worst attempt at coherence I’ve read in a while. My Business Writing teacher would have a good time with this.

I am shocked that I even have to say something like this, but it has come to my attention that when food items are in the kitchen, regardless if we have clients are not, is eaten without the consent to eat it.

Read the whole thing [via fuckedcompany]

The moral of the story: no matter how insignificant your memo, the chances of it getting leaked with your name front and center are inversely proportional to how well it is written.

Half Life 2 Delayed 4 Months

This has been a pretty incredible story so far. Half Life 2, which, incidentally, looks awesome, had been expected to be released before Christmas (since, you know, lots of people buy stuff around Christmas). But then hackers somehow managed to hack into the CEO’s computer and steal 1/3 of the game’s source code and release it on the internet. Among the snippets jacked were the cd key algorithms and all the authentication stuff that was supposed to discourage cheating in the online version of the game. Now, in order to fix the damage, the game will be further delayed until April 2004, causing a bajillion FPS fans (who, let’s face it, are pretty unstable to begin with) unimaginable angst.

Roy Eaten

This is sort of old news at this point. An aside: I’m always hesitant to post right when I hear about these things, since I want to be sure that I get all the information available before I start making fun of people. In this particular case, the situation appears to have stabilized. It’s three days after the fact, and Roy has neither died nor been mauled a second time in his hospital bed, so at this point, I think it’s safe to comment.
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Arnold to victims: Sorry about that.

So I heard a clip of Arnold’s San Diego speech, where he apologizes to the women he sexually battered (California Penile Code 234.4).

It was pretty amusing, and it went something like this.

Arnold: blah blah blah dirty campaigning.
Crowd: Cheer, applaud, scream.
Arnold: Many of the things you’ve heard about me simply aren’t true.
Crowd: Wild cheers.
Arnold: But I gotta tell you, where there is smoke, there is fire.
Crowd: Confused smattering of applause.
Arnold: And I have behaved badly in the past. And I’ve offended some people.
Crowd: Crickets chirping.
Arnold: So I just want to say, I’m deeply sorry about that.
Crowd: Tumbleweed rolls by.
Arnold: Now lets get back to the business of running for governor!!!!!!!!!!!
Crowd: Pandemonium.
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Rush Knows How to Have a Good Time

Apparently Rush Limbaugh is a very big perscription drug fiend. [NY Daily News]

Of course, Limbaugh has gone on record as saying that substance abusers should move somewhere else in the world, where that sort of thing is put up with, which makes this pretty amusing in the “I’m Alec Baldwin, and I’m leaving the US if GWB is President” mold. The sheer quantities involved–“4,350 [pills] in one 47-day period”, according to the article–and the wishy-washy statement at Limbaugh’s site where he doesn’t deny anything except “awareness of an investigation of me” make this even better.

I wonder what Shlonglor will say about his hero allegedly abusing more controlled substances than an army of hippies. I’m sure GroverDill will have a good time with this.