Charmed Life

So I was preparing to brush my teeth with my coolio Oral-B cheap-o electric toothbrush (I used to use a Crest, but it’s wack compared to the Oral-B. Mad props to those guys.) this evening. I had the toothpaste on the toothbrush, had done the requisite before-and-after flicks through the running water from the tap, and turned the toothbrush on. Then, disaster–as I was bringing the toothbrush to my mouth I dropped it somehow.
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Great News

In no particular order:

  • I got a sterling 73% grade in my Business Writing class, good for a C. That’s what I needed to graduate… all that is left is a cake-walk final in my Anthro class at Miramar at Thursday, and nailing down if there’s anything else I have to do for E-Business at SDSU beyond the PHP presentation I gave a couple of weeks ago (I don’t think there will be). Then, I get transcripts sent from Miramar sent to SDSU and I’ve graduated.

    Not coincidentally, I’ve been in a pretty damn good mood all week.

  • The Christmas shopping is almost done.
  • Deb thought she might have been coming down with the dreaded strep throat that thrashed me a few weeks back, so we called her mom and she happened to have some Augmentin on hand that Deb could take until she calls the doctor tomorrow. She’s feeling better, and I think we might have nipped that in the bud.
  • Kristy and Woody had us over for dinner last night and it was very fun. I drank too much and I have a headache today but I still played racketball this afternoon and was able to reaffirm my complete dominance over the sport.
  • It was Dad’s birthday on Friday, and we’re taking him out to Casa de Pico (the best Mexican restaurant in San Diego, until the end of 2003, anyway) tonight.
  • Allie’s coming to town for a week this Christmas.
  • Saddam Hussein has been captured.

Shoot, if it wasn’t for Mike Cameron spurning my Christmas list and signing with the egg-sucking Mets, this’d be pretty close to a perfect weekend.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s coming up on that time again, so here’s the official 2004 Dave’s Christmas Present Buying Guide. Remember that every buck you spend on my loot helps fuel the American economic rebound. I’ve found it helps to think of it as your duty as a citizen to drop mad cash on my present–it always works for me when I’m buying something for myself, anyway.
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Many Layers of Goodness

Here’s a story that’s awesome on many levels.

  • First of all, the breastfeeding while driving 65 thing. That’s just way cool.

  • Not being content to do two things at once, Donkers was also “talking on the phone to her husband and taking notes on the steering wheel”. So here you’ve got a lady cruising on the freeway, breastfeeding, and taking dictation via phone all at once. Now that’s what I call efficiency!
  • Finally we have this gem:

    Donkers is said to belong to a sect which requires her to follow her husband's orders.

    Where do I sign up to be a part of this sect?

[via the muted horn]

How to Write PHP

I recently did a presentation at SDSU called PHP, Databases, and Cookies. No less of an authority than Phil “Pud” Kaplan says you should learn PHP above all else if you want to amount to anything in the tech industry, and I’m in complete agreeance with him, so here are the notes and example scripts I set up for the presentation.

Hopefully, when you read the handouts and consider the source code of the scripts you’ll realize that PHP is so friggin’ easy a monkey could do it. Then you’ll change industries, start making $40 an hour, and kick me some of that for turning you on to the revolution in the first place. That’s what I call a win/win, baby!

Even if you don’t want to better yourself, you may have some fun with the Age Calculator script. This is an example of the kind of thing you can do with less than 100 lines of HTML markup and PHP scripting.

Rectum?!? Damn near killed em!!

Well it seems that Peyton Manning is being sued for defamation.

In his book, Manning: A Father, His Sons and a Football Legacy, he wrote about an incident in college involving Jamie Ann Naughright, a female trainer.

He says that all he did was moon a fellow player while he though she couldn't see him. But she has a different story… According to Naughright's deposition, Manning, while being examined by Naughright, placed his “naked butt and rectum” on her face.


Construction worker survives drill through head

CNN report

My favorite part of the story…

His nephew thinks he'll be able to laugh about it someday.

“It's just going to be one of those stories,” Ben Hunt said. “He'll joke around with his glass eye and pop it out.”
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