Let Freedom Reign

And so let freedom reign — from the prodigious dunes of An Najaf.

     Let freedom reign — from the mighty mountains of Al Jazira.

     Let freedom reign — from the swampy marshes of Az Zubayr.

     Let freedom reign — from the thundering Tigris of Wasit.

     Let freedom reign — from the deep blue Buhayrat of Habbaniyah.

But not only that.

     Let freedom reign — from the fertile plains of Salah Ad Din.

     Let freedom reign — from the strategic airspace south of the 33rd parallel.

     Let freedom reign — from every lookout and foxhole of Fallujah, from every Halliburton caravan, let freedom reign!

And when this happens, when we allow freedom to reign, when we let it reign from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of Allah’s children, moderately brown men and paler brown men, Shi’ites and Sunnis, Christians and towel-heads, will be able to join hands and recite in the words of the old Iraqi proverb,

“Liberated finally, liberated finally, thank mighty Allah, we are liberated finally.”

Coming to the George W. Bush Presidential Library in 2005.

It Is To Sigh

The Onion | Poll: Many Americans Still Unsure Whom To Vote Against

"John Kerry's only virtue is that he hasn't been in a position to make any major mistakes," Schalek said. "On the other hand, I hate Bush's views on abortion. My only consolation is that a vote against either candidate is a vote against Nader."

It’s depressing how much this has in common with my own take on the election…

[via The Onion ]

The Return of Glassdog

My handy dandy linkchecker deal indicates that Lance Arthur’s Glassdog.com is now back in business after a hiatus of a year or so. Glassdog, for those who aren’t aware, was one of the first megablogs that I ever came across on the web, and I’ve been a pretty avid reader since. The writing was crisp and delicious, and the design was similarly appealing and inspirational.

The new site appears to be a sassy reactionary collaborative blog deal with a very ugly design. Which I sort of applaud, since, you know, the old site was good and they want to try something different now. My sinking suspicion however, is that, as a part of his groundbreaking redesign, Mr. Arthur took JesusH.com as his model, since it looks like something slapdash enough to proudly bear the Pease name, and to me this indicates a galactically confused confluence of events. It’s sort of like Bob Dylan reinventing himself in the model of Wierd Al Yankovic or something.

Mr. Arthur, if you’re listening, I await further instructions…