The Grudge

Deb and I saw it tonight, and now I’ve got a grudge against this dumb-ass movie. Why Sam Raimi is known as a lesser master of the horror genre is really beyond me.

Previously, we saw The Forgotten. It was worse, but a much better movie experience–the kind of thing that’s so silly its unintentionally funny.

Anyway, I got stuff to do so that’s all the movie talk for tonight.

I’m famous! Sort of…

My science methods teacher made this video for the Apple Learning Interchange. It’s on a class we had where the professor and a few students armed with a powerbook and a couple cameras went to a classroom to teach a lesson on continental drift. I stayed at the home site with many of my classmates. I was the designated typist who corresponded through iChat with the other computer, directing the placement of cameras and relaying questions and such to the kids. It was actually a really neat class and we were exposed to different ways of teaching science. It’s a no brainer that science is more fun when it’s hands-on and inquiry based, but with all the guidelines, standards, and expectations imposed on teachers, it’s tough to deviate from the lecture and answer end of the chapter questions method. However, this class helped give us strategies that we could actually put in place in our own classrooms. Now, if only they’d give me a classroom…

I always pictured my web debut to be a bit more glamourous. As it stands, I was running late to class that day. I had on no makeup and was having a bad hair day. Oh well…

Check it out!

Plummer Bends Over

Jake Plummer, quarterback of the Denver Broncos and good friends with former teammate and fallen Marine Pat Tillman, has agreed to remove the small decal of Tillman’s uniform number from his helmet. He had originally planned to wear the decal for Denver’s game on September 25, but after being informed it was in violation of the NFL’s uniform code and he could be fined, he didn’t. Given a week to think about it, Plummer went through with wearing the decal last week, but has come to an agreement with the NFL and won’t be wearing it again. The NFL has agreed not to fine Plummer for wearing the decal last week.

The kicker? The fine is $5000 per game. That’s $80K per season–a lot of money to you and me, maybe, but Plummer just signed a $40 million dollar deal with the Broncos before last season. Are you frigging kidding me? He could wear the decal all season, essentially pull some change from under his couch cushions to pay the fines, and honor Tillman the way he thought was right without missing a beat.

Plummer says he agreed to quit wearing the decal because he didn’t want to be a distraction, but that’s silly–he should have just kept on wearing it, refused to answer questions about it with the press, and that’d be that. I don’t usually tell other people how to spend their money, but this just looks really cheap and/or wimpy to me.