A Requiem

Peace be unto himMy dogs, we gots to pour some liquor for our boy Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who collapsed and died this evening of ‘chest pains’ or some shit – peace be unto him. Big Baby Jesus wasn’t a star like the sun is a star, burning all bright and happy over picnics and shit – dog was like one of them motherfuckin’ supanovas that burns supa hot and bright and then explodes, taking several punks and fools with him in the process. Its like… tragic and shit.

My favorite memories of B? Shit, I don’t wanna be getting no maudlin on yo’ ass, but they is a couple: foo’ pulling up in a limo to collect food stamps, foo’ getting picked up for shoplifting a pair of sneakaz — after he had several hit albums, foo’ getting picked up trying to break into his baby momma’s crib, foo’ clubbing dat bitch Shawn Colvin at them MTV awards and saying some shit into the microphone, foo’ always getting crusty-ass judges on his ass by missing his court dates. Shii… dog had issues.

Still, much love B. Much love and much respect – know what I’m saying? The game won’t be the same, dog.

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