Amazon Prime

Amazon just launched a new premium service called Amazon Prime. For $79 a year, you can get free two-day shipping on orders and for overnight shipping, you pay just $3.99. However, I don’t order from them often enough to really make it worth my while to sign up, but I think it’s a neat concept and I’m interested to see what other features they’ll include. As it stands right now, I’m pretty content with using their free Super Saver shipping on orders over $25. It may take longer to arrive, but for that price, I can’t think of too many items that I couldn’t wait the few extra days to get my hands on. Except for maybe this bad boy. On second thought, I can even wait 8 extra days from now to get my crane kick fix. **COUGH COUGH SHAMELESS B-DAY PLUG COUGH COUGH**

3 thoughts on “Amazon Prime”

  1. You really want Karate Kid, Phet?

    Can you post a link to your wish list, assuming Karate Kid isn’t the only thing on it?

    I agree with you about Amazon Prime. I order plenty of crap from Amazon but I’m happy to wait for Super Saver and save the $$$ on just about everything.

  2. Well of course there are other people on JesusH! Why, with Andres and Tron Neighbor, there are four, total.

    Karate Badboy!!!!!

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