Preparing for the Holidays in the Third Person

It’s no secret that la Vaquera has hit a bit of a rough spot; what with the miserable excuse for aggressive political conviction that was California’s recent special election, a temporary lapse in the integrity of her health, Don Klaiber ignoring her needy entreaties for knitting solidarity at JesusH*, and assorted work woes, it has been long since she has been in good humor, let alone in fine writing form.

However, she has managed to get some holiday knitting done:

cardigan for emi

So, all in all, she considers November (so far) a

kind of month.

*UPDATE: My goodness, things are looking up already! I was remiss in noticing that Don Klaiber has, indeed, come through on the knitting front! Rah, rah, rah! I therefore upgrade November’s rating to


Thanks, Don! And, wowzers, in my excitement I seem to have slipped back into the first person! I’ve been revived!

id3 tag editor

So let’s say I’ve got about 10000 mp3s, most of which have fairly good id3 tags but some of which do not. Anyone have any experience with a good Windows-based free or shareware tool that I can use to change bunches of tags with minimal effort? There’s tons of stuff out there, and I’ve played with some of it this week, but I haven’t found anything I really like yet.

An Exercise in Conspicuous Consumption

I’ve resisted the urge to buy a new iPod for years, but I succumbed last month and purchased the new 60 gb iPod with video to replace my first generation 10 gb iPodasaurus. After an interminably long wait, it arrived yesterday and I have been incessantly fondling it since. Even clad in plastic cling (my primitive version of the invisible shield), the new iPod’s sexiness is undeniable. Outfitted in a sleek, non-U2-affiliated black and boasting such perks as a generous 2.5″ screen, a humongous storage capacity, a longer battery life, and a svelter frame, I reckon it’ll sate my appetite for shiny new devices for at least a few more years.

iPhet Rev X1, now in color! vs iPhet Rev X0 sans color.

With video too! Here, watching a stellar episode of Jeff’s Music Video/Bass Action Show.

Another screencap from fresh-faced, 19 year old Jeff’s “More civilized” show.