Well, it’s not Chinese New Year…

…but the Chinese celebrate the New Year we westerners are more familiar with as well. Here’s a snowman that someone built in front of the salon where Michelle and I got haircuts last night. There are actually five salons within about 100 yards on this street, which strikes me as very stylish indeed.

beijing_1 039

Candied hawthorn is a traditional snack that is often eaten at festive times such as these. I dig the skewered presentation, and it actually tastes pretty good too.

beijing_1 037

I understand I can procure similarly skewered scorpions at some places around here, though I haven’t seen them yet. If I do, I’m totally getting one.

Happy New Year!

Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Haven’t watched much SNL lately, but last Saturday they aired a “Digital Short” (their name for non-live videos, typcially starring Adam Samberg, like Lazy Sunday) that required considerable bleeping.  Shortly after it aired on the west coast, they released it uncensored on the NBC website and on YouTube.

They deserve mad props for posting this officially on the NBC site, for putting it on YouTube, and for the sketch being pretty funny to boot.

Timeshifting sporting events

I’m watching some football this morning, and as Indianapolis is getting teabagged by Jacksonville, it looks like the Chargers are going to be sitting on home field advantage throughout the playoffs for an hour or two at least. I’m considering celebrating by going running or something before the Chargers game. How long can I be gone if I record the Chargers game and want to finish watching the recording at the same time everyone else does?

I’ve got the DVR, and I can program it to record the game. I’d like to know the outcome of the game in realtime, though, because my neighborhood can get pretty loud at the end of ballgames and that’ll probably clue me in to what happened. Since I’m watching a recording, I can and do fast-forward through commercials and such. I’m sure I can get the average commercial time for an NFL game somewhere (a quick and lame Google search says a recent Super Bowl sported 43 min 10 sec of ad time). But I also would like to fast-forward through the halftime show and any of the boring parts where everyone’s standing around waiting for the officials to figure out the jersey number of the guy that just drove the quarterback’s face into the turf, or they’re screwing around on the field getting ready for a kickoff.

In other words, I’d like to roll in about 2:00pm, fire up the recording of the game (which started at 1:15), make up time fast-forwarding commercials and other stuff until I’m ending my watching of the recording at about the same time the game is actually ending.

I certainly hope someone’s doing some research on this.


I’ve broken two rackets in my life.

The first was half a lifetime ago. Back then, I mainly played racketball with some high school friends of mine who called ourselves the racketball club. Not because we were putting on airs, you understand. Someone in the group convinced some teacher with more heart than brains to sponsor us as an out-of-school-grounds sporting club, which meant we all got PE credit for hanging out at the Mesa College racketball courts a few hours a month. If it sounds like a peach of a situation, it was.

The summer after my first year at UC Davis, I returned to San Diego, and the racketball club beckoned. I’d taken a racketball class in spring 1993 at UCD and despite the not far from top-of-the-line Ektelon Strobe racket I had sported since ’91 (when a fellow I knew came into possession of a few of them), I had suffered a string of irritating defeats to end the class. Strobe is apparently used to brand lameass-looking protective eyegear, but it used to be a high-end racket, honest.

Not the Strobe I broke. Not that you’d blame me if I broke these. You know they’ve got it coming. I can tell.

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Marketplace Follies

I don’t mean to do a number to the average importance of a post here at JesusH with such a trifle, but what the hell is up with Albertaco’s beverage pricing? The first 8 oz extra you buy is a dime, and then it’s at least 4x that for the next 8 oz?

Surely nobody who actually looks at the prices orders the large*. We will not be rabbit-punched in the wallet for the temerity of giving you more business, Albertaco, my fine feathered friend.

* Please tell me nobody who actually looks at the prices orders the large. You know, unless they’re too thirsty to take a stand, in which case they should still order two medium in virtually all cases.