Tech Support

Won’t spend my time searching and listing, but it is possible and did YOU ever try Dell’s or HP’s guarantee support system…you speak Indian? forums, Feb 9 2007

It’s a very popular complaint–company x, in its neverending quest to cut costs and screw the consumer on the whole satisfactory purchase angle, has offshored the customer support line. Apparently there are oceans of Indians ready to work for pennies on the rupee, and they’re usually from the insane asylums, and they barely know English.

I love buying from companies like these.
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Joe Biden’s Favorite Portable Gaming Device

This is apparently months old, but I just saw an ad for the PSP White that Sony pulled last July amid accusations of racism. Seriously, regardless of context, regardless of intent, how naive do you have to be to think that this is going to fly? What is with the amateur hour? At least the black woman being attacked appears to be relatively clean.

PSP White
Not shown: The lynchin’ tree.

A Super Tax Tip

Here’s a quick tip to get you a handful of Hamiltons.

After a court decision that a telephone tax collected between 2003 and 2006 was illegal, the feds have to give it back. The only trick is, you have to ask for it this year, on your 2006 tax return. If you don’t ask, you lose it forever.

For those of you who don’t want to dig through four years of phone receipts to figure out exactly what kinds of taxes were permissible and which weren’t, they’re even going to make it a little easy for you.

Individual taxpayers can take a standard amount from $30 to $60 based on the number of exemptions they are eligible to claim on their 2006 tax return. For those who can claim:

– One exemption, the standard refund amount is $30;
– Two exemptions, the standard refund amount is $40;
– Three exemptions, the standard refund amount is $50;
– Four exemptions or more, the standard refund amount is $60

All you have to do is staple Form 8913 to your 10-whatever. Many happy returns.