I don’t like Don Imus. I’ve heard and seen him a few times, and I don’t think he’s funny or good at his job. I’d take Howard Stern 100 times over Imus, and I haven’t gone to the trouble of listening to Stern for years.

But come on, America, the guy makes a living (or at least he did) on being a little out there, all shock and sharp edges. How do we let ourselves get worked up into a froth over something like ‘nappy headed hos’ by dickheads like Jesse ‘the PUSH Coalition can pay off my babymama’ Jackson and Al ‘take your pick of the fucked up things he’s done’ Sharpton? Those guys are *far* worse than Imus. They say and do much the same bullshit, but for some reason people take them seriously.

There are real douchebags out there. For instance, World Bank pres Paul Wolfowitz monkeyed with the compensation an underling of his with whom he has been ‘romantically linked’. Here we have a stick-up-his-ass neocon running something a lot more important than a radio show who rails about stamping out corruption and demanding ethical behaviour throughout the organization on one hand, and he’s slipping his own nappy headed ho filthy lucre on the other.

I guess just sleeping with someone on his org chart wasn’t sleazy enough to be exciting.

I won’t be shedding a tear for Don Imus, but I do hope we reserve a little of our outrage for things that matter.

I understand we haven’t covered the Anna Nicole Smith story yet.

(4:27:07 PM) peasejay: quoth the tablature: ‘Here’s a cool and mellow song. Enjoy!’
(4:32:55 PM) landolf10000: its cool and mellow guy
(4:33:26 PM) peasejay: so is a wormy corpse
(4:35:55 PM) landolf10000: hey did you just make that up?
(4:36:31 PM) peasejay: YES.
(4:36:52 PM) landolf10000: or were you reading about the anna nicole smith situation at the time?
(4:38:23 PM) landolf10000: ‘why hello miss smith… i must say you look like death wormed over’
(4:38:29 PM) peasejay: No. Perhaps I made that connection subconsciously. I do think about about her corpse an awful lot.
(4:41:24 PM) landolf10000: sure, who doesn’t
(4:41:45 PM) peasejay: haha:

(4:41:57 PM) peasejay: now he has a date