A Very Short Engagement

Since Michelle and I got ourselves engaged earlier this month, we’ve been trying to figure this whole wedding thing out. I know a few people who have had very specific visions of what they wanted for a wedding (“I want a winter wedding in Aspen with chainsaw ice sculptors and the Snowman on the mic”), but that’s not really us. We did some checking around with our immediate families and found that nobody in that group had strong feelings on the subject either. So we decided to get it over with decisive-like.
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Roof over Head

Last time I looked for a house, it took friggin’ forever. Intrepid agent Yvonne Oberle and I must have at least driven by 100 houses, in various states of disreputability and disrepair, before I bought in 2002.

Michelle and I recently met with our financial advisor to discuss the repercussions of some of the stuff that’s been going down lately and make sure we’re on track to work for as short a career length as possible, and he told us that we might ought to look into the tax sheltering properties of a mortgage, so I called Yvonne and we started looking again by hitting the Sorrento Valley and Scripps Ranch areas for a few hours on Saturday. We didn’t see anything we were all that excited about.

I love looking for houses. I had a good time last time I did this, even though there were so many bad ones out there. But that doesn’t appear to be what’s going down this time, as I saw a promising price reduction show up in the MLS listings on Monday and we all agreed to meet there on Tuesday to check it out. Michelle and I loved it, we checked comps and they turned out in our favor, and we decided to take the plunge. With any luck, we’re in a short escrow by tomorrow.

I never really seriously considered moving back to Scripps Ranch. It’s going to be weird… but good. Ever since Hank told us we might want to consider another house, the College area has been seriously irritating me.

The car wasn’t included.

Yeah, it’s probably more space than we need.

We’ll have a proper housewarming in July, unless my credit’s no good, and you’re all invited!

Engage, Part Deux

Unlike the more shy and retiring among us, I’m pretty sure there’s no better place to announce such a thing than right here, and I’m sure there’s no better way to do it than rip off Pease Jay’s general format. One week ago, I asked Michelle to marry me, and she said yes.

More detail, delivered informally in a Q&A style, after the jump.
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Back to the Big House

Pop’s got this some-might-say irrational dislike of Martha Stewart. He totally dug it when she got thrown in jail, over her own strenuous protests, for ganking a measly quarter-million dollars through some lame-ass insider trading scheme. Pop doesn’t do web stuff, on account of the compound speaks dialup, but if he did, I’d be linking to a bunch of anti-Martha Stewart content that he wrote throughout this post–I’m pretty sure of that.

I won’t claim to be original at all, but I guess my version of pop’s Martha Stewart fixation is Paris Hilton. I’m a little ashamed of the happiness and righteousness I feel upon learning that she was re-injected into the penal system with a vengeance today, but I don’t buy that her sweetheart deal to serve all but three days of her sentence at home was standard operating procedure; I don’t think three squares and up to 23 hours of isolation per day in a one-debutante cell for a month qualifies as “hard time”, much less cruel and unusual punishment; and as much as I hate hearing about her in general, when bad stuff happens to her I can’t get enough of it.

Nobody’s perfect, I guess.

Weekend’s starting off great!

Polish War Machine Update

We’re experts on many things here at JesusH, but one of our primary specialties is knowledge and analysis of the formidable Polish military. That said, we are as surprised as anyone else to discover that bringing the Polish war machine to a halt is as easy as stealing the keys to it.


Consider this a reminder, Lech KaczyƄski: if OnStar is good enough for Tiger Woods, maybe it’s good enough for the Polish Army.