The Princes(ses) and the Pauper

From Kiplingers, the net worth of the major candidates as reported in their FEC filings.

  • Barack Obama:  $456k to $1.1mm
  • Fred Thompson: $2.6mm to $8.3mm
  • Hilary Clinton:  $10mm to $50mm
  • Rudy Giuliani: $18mm to $70mm
  • John McCain: $21mm to $32mm
  • John Edwards: $30mm
  • Mitt Romney:  $190mm to $250mm

I find this interesting for a few reasons.  One is that Barak Obama could maybe afford a house in a middle class area of Southern California.  You know — College area, but not Scripps Ranch.

The other thing that’s significant, when you read through how they made their fortunes, is that their income jacks up significantly when they are between jobs.  Rudy had less than $2mm in assets when he left his post as Mayor of NYC, but he earned $16.8mm in 2006 alone, almost all from speeches and “security consulting”.  So Obama shouldn’t despair too much.   If he wins he’s got company housing and a company car, but losing is where the real money is.

Happy Holidays, Citizen!

Apparently Rancho Cordova cops are pulling people over and handing them $5 Starbucks gift cards (not the tickets most drivers are probably expecting) as a reward for safe and courteous driving. [via boingboing]

The best thing about this story is the denomination of the gift card. On Sunday Pease Jay busted out a $5 Starbucks gift card and my first reaction was to wonder if that’ll even get you most things on the ridiculously-priced Starbucks menu these days. In ten years, when the average Starbucks coffee price is $20 or so, a $5 Starbucks gift card will make a magnificent ‘fuck you’ gift (in the sense that unless you were 100% certain to go to Starbucks anyway, you’d have to put your own money in with the entire gift card balance to get anything), so I’m going to be sure to hold on to any I come up on.