The Singularity is Near

In 2005, Ray Kurzweil published a book claiming that the acceleration of technological progress will lead to a time when technology is so advanced that it will be merged with humanity. Manmade evolution, the end of aging and world hunger and unlimited wealth creation are all on the horizon, and not far off. It’s not hard to believe that we are approaching such a time. Consider:

1.5 million years ago, mankind invented the knife. Six hundred thousand years later, man learned to control fire. It was only 12,000 years ago that agriculture was invented, but it took another 5,000 years for man to invent beer and the wheel and axle. 5,500 years ago, man learned to write for the first time. It was another thousand years before the toilet came along, and a thousand more for the sword. Two thousand years ago came paper. In the last thousand years, mankind has invented everything. The thermometer, cannon, scissors, and the steam turbine. The car, typewriter, revolver, moon lander and the telegraph. The x-ray and the cruise missile. The electric shaver, the Post-it Note, and the Internet. Tetris and trickle-down economics.

Now the 21st century brings Pinkberry, the hybrid car, online poker, translucent concrete and the iPhone. But if that evidence doesn’t convince you… if it hasn’t dissolved the last vestiges of your skepticism… if you still doubt that the singularity is near, then I present to you the pinnacle of mankind’s achievement.


Yes, that is what you think it is. It took almost a million years to get here from fire, but mankind has developed the technology needed to store a cheeseburger in a can. Just so we’re clear: when you open the can, there is a cheeseburger inside. It’s a golden age in which we live, my friends. A golden age.

Sold Out

We just closed escrow on the 68th St house this morning, so I can finally un-cross my fingers. The worse the news gets for the nation’s friendly mortgage lenders, and the closer the baby gets to arriving, the less I wanted to deal with having a house on the market.

We’ve been over there a few times over the last month getting smoke detectors and garbage disposals working and clearing the last of our stuff out of the garage, and on Tuesday we dropped off our keys and garage door openers and said goodbye. It’s funny how much the neighborhood has changed in the few short months since we moved on up to the Ranch… lots of improvements to the median on El Cajon Boulevard, some businesses have left the area, and some more have moved in.

Intrepid agent Yvonne Oberle and I both placed ads on craigslist as part of our multifaceted sales strategy. I’ll leave you with a fairly ridiculous email exchange that started by a douchebag responding to one of my ads.

Kevin Collier: Nice listing!

Your time is important! Please allow us to help you save time in moving your current listings, while maintaining your focus on new ones. When convenient for you, please call to set up an appointment, or respond via email, and we’ll get started on your business, marketing, and title needs!

Thank you for your time,


Your Southland Team,

Kevin Collier (619) 302-3745

Karla Ericson (619) 200-1985

Dave Pease: Kevin, this is spam. Stop it. Your mother would be ashamed of you.

Kevin Collier: Its not and I help top agents make lots of $$$$ call me in the morning and I will do the same for you. Unless your title rep is already doing it for you.

Dave Pease: Kevin, my craigslist listing informed both you and your mom in no uncertain terms that I did not care to be contacted with services or other commercial interests!

We are both very disappointed in you.

Exclusive JesusH picture!

Guess what I found parked in front of our house after returning from running errands?

If you can’t read the print on the van, here’s a close-up shot.

Ha, ha. I wonder if his wife offers a similar service… then I can get Jeff a surrogate wife while I’m away in Laos for the next two weeks. Then again, Jeff can always entertain himself by playing with his Wii. 😉

Medical Myths You Probably Believe

Via the New York Times, which recently has made it’s entire website and archives free free free:

The Hoosier School of Medicine has published a list of seven medical myths that are so pervasive that even many doctors believe them. They are:

  1. We should drink 8 glasses of water per day.
  2. We only use 10% of our brains.
  3. Hair and fingernails grow after death.
  4. Shaving hair makes it grow back thicker.
  5. Reading in dim light harms your eyesight.
  6. Eating turkey makes you drowsy.
  7. Cellphones create electromagnetic interference at hospitals.

I, for one, was shocked to learn that turkey contains less tryptophan than either pork or cheese.  No wonder fondue makes me sleepy.