Jeff’s thinking about getting back into blogging.

(3:10:04 PM) peasejay: The goal is to make lots of money. That seems incompatible with the hippy open source model that is JesusH.
(3:10:13 PM) peasejay: JesusH is about peace and love, which cannot be monetized, since Coca Cola owns them already.
(3:10:28 PM) landolf10000: jesush has three of hte four letters in ‘cash’.
(3:10:30 PM) landolf10000: think about it.
(3:11:19 PM) peasejay: You’re flirting with insanity.
(3:12:08 PM) landolf10000: yeah but i’m a tease. insanity’s going home with someone else.


Dre, can you re-post your post? Sorry, somehow I deleted it while I was trying to get rid of some spammers.

My bad.

Also, I think you had glasses in the pic. I heard all the cool kids have gotten LASIK to resolve that condition.

Gumbel out at NFL Network

Whew, it got serious in here for a week or two.

Bryant Gumbel, play-by-play guy for the NFL Network the last two seasons, will not be returning for 2008. The guys over at Football Outsiders have a post about this, and the comments are 90% “yee-haw! no more getting downs, names, and formations wrong from the play-by-play guy!”

Gone, but not missed. Except maybe by me.

Maybe it’s just me, but in the few NFL Network games I watched over the last couple of years I liked Bryant Gumbel. Liked him a lot. In fact, I can’t think of a team I’d rather have working a game I’m watching than Gumbel and his partner Cris Collinsworth.

Here’s the thing about Bryant Gumbel: he’s not a good play-by-play guy. He does get plays, downs, and names wrong sometimes, and his voice isn’t exactly soothing. But I don’t care if he says “third and 3” and then it turns out to be third and 2, because I can see the game, given I’m watching it on TV, and I can figure this stuff out for myself. If he calls Frank Gore Al Gore, I’m not confused into thinking the former Vice President has just taken the field. A lot of people get all over Gumbel for these things and it’s not that they’re wrong, I just don’t know why they care.

What Gumbel will do is go outside the box with Collinsworth and even bite the hand that feeds him… I remember a game where a guy got hurt, and it was a Thursday night game where the two teams had just gotten off playing the previous Sunday, and Gumbel asked Collinsworth if five days was too few to recuperate and prepare for the next game. The guy is questioning the wisdom of the scheduling of the very game he’s currently working–the raison d’etre of the entire NFL Network–and he’s doing it on live TV. It was sweet.

Like I said, maybe it’s just me, but I can put up with his mediocre play-by-play ability and even his pretentiousness when he gives me stuff like that.