The Price is Right

I was on the elliptical today and someone had The Price is Right running on the TV. Which reminds me, when did Drew Carey decide to turn into a John Candy cosplayer?

Anyway, as I started they were doing one of the product bidding things, where the four possible contestants submit bids for an item and the person who is closest without going over gets to play a pricing game onstage. Product is ping-pong table. One contestant bids. Then contestant two bids $600. Then Contestant Three bids $599.

“Now that’s about the dumbest fucking bid you can make,” I think to myself, and I begin to weep for America.

The next product–an electric fireplace (snazzy!) comes up. Contestant Three bids $1999 this time, and the next bidder bids $2000. “Not her fault this time, but she’s an idiot so she deserved that,” I says to myself.

But wait, John Candy says, we have an exact match! The electric fireplace runs $1999. Contestant Three gets the fireplace, and $500 cash for hitting the price exactly. Then she goes on to win a car.

In retrospect, it’s obvious that Contestant Three intentionally avoided winning the ping-pong table because it wasn’t luxe enough for her, and she’s a hell of a lot better at The Price is Right than I am.

Subaru Forester: Graveyard

This commercial pisses me the hell off.

Let me get this straight: you need to get rid of a car, so you and your douchebag buddy Larry spend TWO DAYS driving to some formerly scenic hill to abandon it? This is not to mention the TWO MORE DAYS of driving you both need to do to get back home. So between you and Larry, your maudlin, estrogen-soaked emo jaunt cost 8 TOTAL MAN DAYS of human effort? Christ.

Seriously, did you make Larry take vacation to be a part of this adventure? Time that he could have spent with his family? You sir, are a complete asshole. Your Subaru is glad to be rid of you.

California Budget Crisis

All those fancy propositions (except the funny one that kept lawmakers from getting raises if the state’s in a budget deficit) failed to pass yesterday, even though I didn’t get my no votes to my polling place until right after it closed. My bad.

From the article:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa predicted that the city’s budget could take a hit — but he vowed a fight: “I’m going to do everything I can to protect the city coffers.”

This is why we have these problems–because people say “hey, cut their services, not my services.” Antonio, you cunt, look at Los Angeles’ budget and cut what you can. Everyone else in California, do the same thing. Budgetary governance doesn’t need to be this hard.

Wanda Sykes Limbaugh OUTRAGE OMFG!!!2!?

There has been an amusing backlash against Wanda Sykes and Barack Obama for her standup routine at the Correspondents Dinner on Saturday. You know, where she said she hoped Limbaugh’s kidneys would fail. Obama then laughed at this, which is essentially the same thing as him giving tacit approval for wanting Limbaugh murdered! FOR SHAME.

I don’t understand why we aren’t hearing backlash against the suggestion (at 4:00 in the attached video) that Obama shouldn’t go out for burgers with with Biden in case he gets assassinated and Biden gets killed in the crossfire (“Who thought that was a good idea, Nancy Pelosi?”). Obama laughed at this as well, signaling his tacit approval for someone to assassinate him at a burger joint. FOR SHA… wait, what?

It was a stand up comic giving a comedy routine, jackasses. Laughter sometimes ensues.