Baby, Part Deux

I recently discovered we hadn’t told everyone we thought we’d told, so: things are working out so well on the kid front we decided to have another one. Here’s an ultrasound of him looking right at you.


It’s a boy. His working title is Arquimedez (as in Arquimedez Pozo, the most awesomely named player in baseball history), but I doubt that’s going to stick.


They’re doing some crazy things with ultrasounds lately. We had a really good tech working the machine last time we were in the hospital and she made some 3D scans for us. In this one Arquimedez is a little shy and is hiding his eyes.


Here’s a sharper one, where he’s rubbing one eye. He might have got some trail dust in it.


Michelle just had an amniocentesis, on account of you can never be too careful these days, and we got the test results back today. Everything is straight normal and healthy, which made this a very good day.

The due date for the youngster is Nov 21.