Reshuffle the Deck, America -or- The Healthcare Speech Obama Should Deliver

It has been painful watching the healthcare reform movement die a slow death through the battle of attrition in the Senate, but the most frustrating part has been watching senators of all persuasions run roughshod and hijacking the process to try to further their own political gains. Adding to my frustration is the fact that President Obama, the guy who spearheaded this entire thing, has appeared mostly powerless to intervene in the proceedings.

It’s understandable that Obama wanted to give the Senate a chance to resolve this for themselves, but now that it appears that they can’t (or won’t), I think the time is right for Obama to re-insert himself into the proceedings with the following simple message:

America, are you as frustrated as I am about the lack of progress the Senate has made developing a meaningful health care reform bill that reflects your values? If so, here’s what I suggest we do: when the 2010 senate elections roll around, I want you to vote every single incumbent Senator that is up for reelection out of office and elect someone new to fill their seat.

I don’t care what health care policy your current Senator supports or their political party or if you replace them with a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent, just vote for someone new who’s willing to come to the table to actually pass a reform bill in whatever form you believe is most prudent. You like single payer healthcare? Vote for the single payer healthcare guy. Tort reform and interstate competition? Vote for that guy.

Bottom line, let’s reshuffle the deck America, because, what we have here? This is some BULLSHIT. Seriously, fuck all these guys.

Sure, such a move is probably fraught with all sorts of political peril, but so was bringing up healthcare reform in the first place. And who knows? Maybe if Obama is able to redirect the full ire of a frustrated public directly onto the Senators who are causing the impasse, they might suddenly discover a newfound sense of decisiveness and spirit of compromise?

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