2010 Voting Guide

Well, I didn’t end up doing anything particularly fun with my Mac, which is what most Mac users do with their Macs, and the Kids Book Review series kind of petered out (though I’ve got plenty more if anyone was reading them). But there’s nothing like an election to bring the news poster back out at JesusH, so in traditional pumpkin format, here is your JesusH 2010 Voting Guide.

Yes on 19
Still fits on a pumpkin.

American drug policy is one of the most screwed up things in the Western world. (I hesitate to even use the term “drug policy” because of the absurdity of a catch-all phrase that encompasses everything from marijuana to crystal meth.) Despite the obvious takeaways from Prohibition, we have forgotten that criminalization doesn’t accomplish anything of value. We are imprisoning our fellow citizens for victimless crimes in record numbers and enabling assholes with guns from South Central to the US-Mexico border and beyond.

Prop 19 might not be perfect, but decriminalization is absolutely a step in the right direction. Please vote Yes on 19 tomorrow.