Francesco Schettino for Admiral in 2012

Here’s an entertaining piece about Captain Francesco Schettino, the incompetent who crashed his boat and then was the first guy off of it.

Utter command stupidity, horrendous behavior on the part of the captain, sloppy evacuation, and the vessel settling there and becoming an in-your-face icon of what can go wrong. And, the problem of transient crews with little experience in emergencies. They are simply not steeped in the lore and traditions of the sea – how can they be?

If you haven’t read the transcript of Schettino’s call with the coast guard, it is also excellent. Wow, the obfuscation and hem-hawing on the part of the dashing Schettino… truly a bravura performance. I’m going to remember some of these lines.

Michelle: “Honey please take out the trash.”
Dave: “Wife, let me tell you one thing…”
Michelle: “Yes?”
Dave: “I am here to coordinate the trash removal…”
Michelle: “What are you coordinating here? Take it out to the trash bin! Coordinate the removal by taking the trash out. Are you refusing?”
Dave: “No, I am not refusing.”
Michelle: “Are you refusing to take out the trash? Can you tell me the reason why you are not going?”
Dave: “I am not going because the other trash cans in the house are not yet full.”

Unfortunately, he’s probably headed to the clink, but maybe he could get a work release and a visa so he could come to the United States and run for Congress–he’d be an All-Star there.

I wonder what Jeff’s gCaptain friend thinks of this whole thing.

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  1. I think the reason I enjoy the captain-sinking-the-big-boat story is the absurd Joe Hazelwood meets Iraqi Information Minister meets these Australian guys tone the Captain Schettino always seems to take. At no point does he demonstrate a basic understanding that he could have had some manner of involvement in not, you know… tipping his boat over or in the subsequent rescue effort. That narrative combined with this backdrop… Idunno,

    “What do you mean you want me to get on the boat to coordinate the rescue effort? Which boat? The big one? But that one is tilted! Anyway, I’m not sure what you expect me to do there. It’s dark and there is water everywhere. Also, a bunch of people are coming down the ladder. I’ll tell you what: maybe put me on a ship with lights that is not tipped over and I will coordinate the rescue of the passengers on that new replacement vessel. Hello? Are you refusing?”

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