Breaking News: JesusH, Resurrected (However Briefly)!

OK, calm down everybody. I know longtime JesusH fans have been on tenterhooks wondering where I’ve been. To make a long story short, I’ve been busy making this:

hilda's fashion parade 5of5, handspun handknit with ❤️ cardi by mom 💕🎉😻 !

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give or take a few years.

So I was looking around for some good, solid, reliable kid-rearing resources to ensure I don’t accidentally raise a complete moron when I stumbled upon the JesusH Book Reviews! What a treasure trove of information I can trust! Callooh! Callay!

A thought occurred to me as I was perusing these reviews: JesusH is absolutely *loaded* with smart people with lots of experience and who write interesting things–albeit not at JesusH lately.  And why not at JesusH?  Oh, I imagine you are all so super busy with your engaging work and your child-rearing and your family nurturing and all.  Or maybe you’re like me and in this text- and chat- heavy world you haven’t managed to construct a grammatically cogent and acronym-free sentence in ages.  But I’d like to coax you back into visiting JesusH from time to time.  Read a little, post a little.  I know it can be a challenge to fit one more thing into your day or week.  In fact, I know I find the prospect daunting.  But what I lack in confidence I have in hope; whereas once upon a time I might’ve tossed a disdainful gauntlet, now I just entreat you to a modest enterprise: post occasionally.  Something amazing might happen!

And I know that I’m late to the reproduction circus but I know you all are loaded with interesting kid things that, frankly, I think would be a shame not to share.  I know because I’ve already seen a glimpse of it (have I mentioned those awesome book reviews?) already.

I give JesusH the rare and coveted five Pochaccos 

Let’s keep the flame alive!

We’re Back, Part 3

JesusH had gotten way out of date and crusty and full of spammer assholes in the comments. WordPress makes updates easier and easier as time goes on, but we were hitting an error when trying the easy update of the blog software, so I had to touch some files by hand, and clean out spam comments directly in the database. Ew.

Everything has been updated and we’re now at WordPress 4.4.2. And dIRE sTRAITS is back in the header, for those of you that missed them earlier today.

Finally, if you case the term WordPress incorrectly in the body of the blog, WordPress will correct it for you transparently. That’s a little creepy.


We’re Back, Part 2
We’re Back