We’re Back, Part 3

JesusH had gotten way out of date and crusty and full of spammer assholes in the comments. WordPress makes updates easier and easier as time goes on, but we were hitting an error when trying the easy update of the blog software, so I had to touch some files by hand, and clean out spam comments directly in the database. Ew.

Everything has been updated and we’re now at WordPress 4.4.2. And dIRE sTRAITS is back in the header, for those of you that missed them earlier today.

Finally, if you case the term WordPress incorrectly in the body of the blog, WordPress will correct it for you transparently. That’s a little creepy.


We’re Back, Part 2
We’re Back

2 thoughts on “We’re Back, Part 3”

  1. I’m just going to say what everybody is thinking: Pick Withers looks so young in that picture.

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