Neiman Marcus Official Gourmet Cookie Recipe Policy

Sometime before February 1997, Andres and I wrote up this stupid webpage and put it on my server. One day my server was taken offline. I called my ISP, and they passed along this fun fax from a lawyer.

Nobody sent me a check. 🙁

cookpageJust like the poodle in the microwave story, certain urban legends have real staying power. This is not one of them. Our policy remains unchanged: anyone who has ever had in their possession an unlicensed copy of our Gourmet Cookie Recipe is responsible to us for the sum of $250.00 per copy.

Our recipe is not shareware or freeware. There is no 21 day trial period. However, while we wish to protect our intellectual property, we are not unreasonable. We understand that some people may have received multiple unsolicited copies of the recipe, and for this reason we have made site licenses available at a substantial discount off of retail price.

If your personal or shared e-mail account has received more than four (4) copies of the Neiman Marcus Gourmet Cookie recipe, you may gain legal right to them by paying the sum of $175.00 per recipe. Hopefully, this will provide some financial relief to those recipe piraters who were not aware that redistributing our intellectual property without our consent is a Federal crime.

logo2You may be eligible for additional savings if this is a corporate matter. Please inquire about bulk rate discounts if you feel you have an appropriate situation.

Thinking about stiffing the bill? If so, please be aware that Internic, the Internet Policing Service, keeps track of all e-mail transmitted over the Internet. We obtain copies of their frequently updated list bi-weekly, and will take legal action against people possessing or distributing illegal and unlicensed copies of our recipe.

Holding an unlicensed copy of the recipe is a Federal crime with a maximum sentence of six months in prison and/or $50,000 in fines. Distributing the recipe without the protection of a site license is defined as Mail Fraud by the U.S. Government, an even more serious charge. Please think about the possible repercussions before you decide not to pay.

You may pay for a license by stopping off at any of our convenient nationwide locations and referencing item number CR1000250, or by mailing a check to:

Andres Phippard and Dave Pease
Vice Presidents of Debt Recovery, Neiman Marcus Inc.
(For the convenience of
our accounting department,
please do not reference
Neiman Marcus on the check)

6415 Cleeve Way
San Diego, CA 92117

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