New computer nearing completion

I love it when a plan comes together. Yesterday, I procured most of the parts for my new computer, and the rest are supposed to be delivered within hours. By tonight, I may have a complete computer system all set up and ready to go. I did make some changes from my initial specs… read on for the details.
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Left Eye Dead

Getting in on the JesusH obits… – Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes dies in car wreck – April 26, 2002

I’m not much for most … uh, “urban” music, but I really like a bunch of TLC stuff. Jeff and I were having an interesting conversation a while back about the band who today had the best chance of being regarded as a Beatles-ish group of talent in the future. IIRC, Jeff was talking about Radiohead and ‘NSync, but for my money (and despite the fact that they don’t play instruments) TLC was a more likely choice.

(Jeff, if you want to add anything on that front, please do.)

PCP-addled dad bites off kid’s thumb

Raymond Frank Jones was found by police roaming around his trailer park naked with son Robert in hand. Jones, on a freaked out “Angel Dust” trip, had bitten off his son’s thumb. Young Robert’s thumb was recovered from Jones’ gut, but could not be reattached. Jones, currently in custody, is a father of five.

Jesus H. Christ… how many arguments for forced sterilization of idiots do we need in this country? Let’s step up the totalitarianism already.

Worst Console Games of All Time

Steven Kent of checks in with his list of the worst modern console games (via Slashdot): “On a whim, Andy McNamara, editor-in-chief of Game Informer Magazine, decided to see if he could beat Kabuki Warrior by tapping his game pad against his buttocks. He lost his first fight or two. Then he figured it out and beat the entire game. He began his review of the game this way: ‘I beat it with my a__.'”
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Have iPod, Will Secretly Bootleg

Some kid in Texas took his iPod (basically, the coolest portable mp3 player on the market–a 5 GB hard drive with FireWire) into a store, connected it to a display Mac, and stole software from it.

According to this article, “When the iPod is plugged into a Macintosh, its icon automatically pops up on the desktop. To copy software, all the kid had to do was drag and drop files onto the iPod’s icon. Office for MacOS X is about 200 MB; it copies to the iPod’s hard drive in less than a minute. “

New Bumper Sticker Idea

flag_ngns (4k image)

Time to ca$h in, yo

Dan and I hashed out a concept for a new patriotic bumper sticker and I’m thinking about getting some of these printed up. I know I kind of missed the bus where this is concerned, but hey–I’m a slow thinker. What do you think?

In other news, we’ve apparently been hacked by someone, so if you see a post with lots of naughty words or mean things to say about any of our fine readers, that’s what’s going on. We’re hitting the server with Lysol right now.

nateo’s mp3 emporium

hampton (18k image)Behold, the obnoxiousness of Dancing Hamster
nateo wanted me to tell whoever reads this that his mp3s are online–over 2500 of them, to be exact. Go to his page and click the link, or click here to be directly transferred. Please note you’ll need the username and password, and if you don’t have it, you’ll need to email him so he can decide if he wants to give it to you or not.

Also, those of you with the username and access can click artist name to get a .m3u playlist of the artist’s files sent to your computer. Snazz! There’ll be more stuff coming in the way of automation as soon as Nate gets off his ass and learns some more php.

That is all.

new computer

In the interests of posting in 2002, and of getting that goddamned Fong Sai Yuck picture off of the top of the log page, I thought I’d describe the new computer that I’ll be getting sometime around April.

Due to Qualcomm’s rock-steady “employee computer loan assistance program” I can get up to $3000 in new computer action assistance from the company. 20% of my total is a grant, and the other 80% is a very low-interest loan repayable in monthly installments over three years, after which time I will be able to get another computer loan for another computer. Ordinarily, my strategy is to max out the loan by buying the best machine I can afford, in order to get the most free money from the company. This year, that may prove to be a problem.
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Who is this Happy Pedro jackass, and why are you doing his work for him, peasej?

In other news, I don’t know if I understand your VB problem but any text widget has a ScrollBars property which you can set to “2 – Vertical” and as far as I know that’ll enable scrolling. I know I’ve done it before.

There’s a few things we need to accomplish. Get the Estradasphere music from KSDT before you fire yourself. Additionally, possibly reposess Gyruss. You know you want to. We could seriously lower that mo-fo over Christmas.

We should build the ultimate mp3 site by joining forces and getting your ass in line and renaming your mp3s to the correct* format, and uploading ’em to the server. However, we may not be able to do that right now as I believe Felix may be running out of space. He needs another 18GB hard drive.

Are you waiting on me for anything for mysql@vmtco?

JesusH needs to be rebuilt. We can screw with this later.

And, of course, the phone thing in my car. And Dad’s Secret Present needs to be bought. Man, this is really the busiest time of year.

* of course, correct format is ArtistName_SongTitle.mp3

Ha, I just noticed something funny.

I just noticed something funny. So I was clicking around Pease Jay‘s webpage, and I clicked the link to Dick Murphy‘s webpage. Then I clicked the link to Murphy’s advisor’s webpage, one Peter M. Kogge, who is apparently the “McCourtney Professor of Computer Science and Engineering”.

See that space shuttle pic on Kogge’s webpage? Wonder why a small picture takes so long to load? Shoot, it must have escaped his attention that you should resize the image file itself, rather than just changing its dimensions in an image tag, and you should not use GIF format for photographs.

As a result, we’ve got a webpage with a low-quality 153 x 148 image of a space shuttle that is 654 KB in size and takes days to load. I’m struck by the realization that Kogge:

  • is hopefully very clueless compared to most other comp sci professors, and
  • is probably the perfect advisor for Dick Murphy.

I wish we still had that Technodermis webpage. Har har har, at least Kinementium is back, and its even harder on the eyes than ever. I can’t wait to see what “Titanium Picks: The Future of Sport’s Analysis” is. I bet they’ll give my outfit a real run for their money… not!


Yeah, that Buffy-Spike thing was pretty cool. Deb made me watch that part of the show and I got to agree with her (and you), the … uh, imagery and presentation were really provocative. Nice job by all involved.

It is apparent the style sheet and format of the log needs more work. I’ll get on that as soon as possible, and once I’m done I’ll bring peasej in to fix my mistakes.

Good news. Jeff sounds serious about working on stuff once he’s done with finals. In fact, we’ve got a task list all set up for stuff that will take place in December.

  • Jeff will fix my phone.
  • Jeff and I will grab all of KSDT Radio‘s Estradasphere material off cart and put it on CD. Then, we’ll rip it to mp3 format. Apparently the studio stuff the band did at the last concert got taped over by mistake, but the station still has a bunch of shows, including the live show they did that we went to. Yes, the good Lord willing, we will have live cuts of “Fame (Rasta and Banjo version)” and “Body Slam” available for your listening pleasure next week. In the meantime, click here for a usually-working link to a Winamp playlist of all the ES action we’ve got.
  • JesusH will get a major upgrade. Features and stuff, places to do things like movie reviews, perhaps some Anne Geddes pictures, ASCII Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, original artwork… all kinds of good crap.
  • I’ll pretend to help Jeff as he installs the Hands Free Car Kit in my truck, so I can talk to my vehicle instead of to my phone while I’m driving. K-Rad!!!!1111!!1
  • There is some seriously crazy modifications going on with the CueCat, which is a symbol of the stupidity of the new economy if there ever was one. More details coming later.
  • On the home front, I will find and download a bunch of MAME files, which will turn my Dreamcast into an arcade emulator, further enhancing my ability to talk about my Dreamcast.
  • My, but I’m impressed with my ability to prattle on.

Digital conversion

Obviously, digital conversion (sounds like a new economy company name) from 35mm doesn’t make all that much sense, Jeff. But in concert with pure digital cameras–as you note Lucas is doing for Episode II–there’s nothing lost in any conversion. It’s a panacea.

Especially if Attack of the Clones is successful, more and more movies will probably be shot in native digital and then converted to film for normal theatres. From then on, the movie companies have a great reason to push for digital worldwide and it’s only a matter of time.

In other news, there are some hot deals available at PS2 for $275 shipped, a cool leather recliner and ottoman and $20 of office supplies for $75, and a 100 GB hard drive for $120 if you are a Sam’s Club member. Follow the link for more info. If you feel like blowing $75 on me for Christmas, I want the recliner, and you can keep the office supplies for your trouble!

Hi there… the reason I

Hi there… the reason I didn’t write about racketball is that I didn’t want to embarass you by pointing out how you were exploiting Dad’s physical rehabilitation for your own personal gain, peasej.

So a couple of weeks ago Deb and I noticed one of the screens at the AMC 20 was DLP, or Digital Light Processing. In other words, there’s no film involved–it’s a movie projected by a computer, like when you’re watching some k-rad internet porn you downloaded, like President Bush is here. Only much higher tech, much less likely to crash, and much more expensive (about $100K per system).

We just got back from taking in Monsters, Inc. in the DLP auditorium, and both Deb and myself were very impressed by the system.

  • The movie was perfectly framed, because some jackass being paid seven bucks an hour to sleep in the projection room isn’t responsible for changing the reels and the slides and putting the projector back in the right place. With DLP, the setup never needs to be touched, so the top of Brad Pitt’s melon or the bottoms of Anna Nicole Smith’s breasts will never be chopped off. Bonus!
  • In the “This movie is rated X for extended snowballing” screens, the aliasing you might get with very large-size fonts on your computer screen was actually visible. Seeing this during the previews made me concerned that I’d detect jagged edges on stuff in the movie, but it seems they just didn’t care enough to anti-alias the ratings screens. None of that was visible in the movie itself.
  • Most importantly, the movie seemed markedly cleaner and sharper than we remembered film looking. There was no graniness and no artifacts–dust, scratches, melting–that you might see with normal movie film.

I was interested in making certain we weren’t convincing ourselves of these things just because we knew the theatre was digital, so on our way out we dropped by a normal showing of Monsters, Inc., and both of us could immediately tell the difference. The print was more grainy and the colors were much less sharp and uniform.

My prediction is that this is the kind of thing that’s really going to start bothering me if I watch very many more DLP movies, to the point that I’ll actually go out of my way to avoid normal film in theatres. I’m guessing all those crackmonkeys who talk about movie film being superior to digital projection for anything but fixed costs are going to fall fast, and digital will take off like a rocket.

Now, the only question is, will the Texas Instruments system or the Qualcomm system be prevalent? (The Mission Valley 20 has a TI system, so I’m not sure how to compare the two.)

I encourage you to drop by the AMC 20, if you haven’t already, and catch a flick in the digital auditorium. You won’t be disappointed. If you hurry, you can see Monsters there; it was actually really, really good.

Speaking of Fry’s…

Speaking of Fry’s, I found some way cool resources that you might be interested in.

The Google web directory has a topic called Allegedly Unethical Firms, and Fry’s is one of the companies with the most webpages dedicated to complaints and bitches. For some reason, I find the idea of a directory of Allegedly Unethical Firms very funny.

Anyway, this complaint-type page has a link to the BBB page for the San Diego Fry’s. The link is broken but I found the actual page by going to the Better Business Bureau page. If I’m reading it right, there are only two outstanding complaints. I don’t know anything about how many complaints the BBB gets per customer but this seems like a very low amount, considering the number of cattle–er, people that go through the door every day.

The best link, which I may have forwarded before, is the Fry’s Employment Application.